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Commented On: One Owner's Chevy Volt Running Cost: 2 Cents Per Mile

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I replied, but I don't see it anymore. Yes, it is cents on average delivered. I am leaving out some technical details on my bill, but I explain it in a few places in my blog. Let me know if you want a link to that section. My bill is Progress Energy TOU-D

Commented On: One Owner's Chevy Volt Running Cost: 2 Cents Per Mile

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I wish I had a dollar everytime someone asked this of me. yes, I know how to read it :) My 'delivered' rate is about 6.7 on peak and 5.3 off peak. There is an additional component called a demand factor which adds about $30 to my bill. The demand factor is not included with my Volt energy costs, because the demand factor is not raised with the way I charge my Volt, and the only ADDITIONAL COST IN ELECTRICITY IS THE ACTUAL ENERGY CONSUMED. I bolded that just to make it clear.

You can google Progress Energy TOU-D Rider for NC and see the rate schedule yourself. I also have snippets from my bill in previous blogs.

Commented On: Study: Chevrolet Volt Drivers Suffer From 'Gas Anxiety'

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I've only burned 17.9 gallons in about 17.5k miles. I definitely don't love having to hit the gas station, but I'm glad I have a car that will take me as far as I need it without recharging.

Commented On: Are Hybrid & Electric-Car Keyless Entry Fobs A Safety Hazard?

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If 1in 3 people were doing this, then yes. Since it obviously doesn't happen very often, then no.

Commented On: Will Chevy Volt Sales Hit 40,000 This Year (Ampera Included)?

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"On the one hand, it seems like you would need to sell at least 100,000/year of any vehicle to justify the tooling costs."

Says who? There are a lot of successful lower volume cars out there. Only the most popular cars are being built over 100k a year. The Volt is not going to be a high volume car.

Commented On: 2013 Chevy Volt Gets 38-Mile Electric Range, Higher 98-MPGe Rating

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It is getting better and better! Not enough improvement to piss off the current purchasers, but enough to make it look more attractive to future buyers. Good balance!
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