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Commented On: 2011 Nissan Leaf At Two Years: 32,000 Miles, No Signs Of Age

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Thanks for the report Nikki, it's good to read you again on GCR. I especially like the feedback on the new Michelins as I plan to replace the factory issued tires on my '11 Prius and '12 Plug-In Prius with those exact tires in the near future!

Commented On: 2012 Tesla Model S: Most Important New Car Since Ford Model T?

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Thanks Joel for a great article. Also, thanks to everyone for lots of solid comments. I agree that the Model S is ground breaking, game changing and may be the most important vehicle produced since the Ford Model T. However, I think a better comparison for the Model S is to a Duesenberg or a Packard, I.E. one of the early luxury and high performing autos that made EVERYONE want one. It will definitely be an inflection point on the EV adoption curve. One final comment and I've been wondering about this for a while, I'm not sure the big manufactures could have produced a car like the Model S. They are good at small iterative improvements based on what they've done before. I think the Model S could ONLY come from a new company. Thoughts?

Commented On: When Do Electric Cars Really Charge? All At The Same Time

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Interesting article, thanks Nikki -

I'm not sure that Mueller Texas is a typical community for evaluating charging patterns. Mueller is atypical due to a high concentration of solar installed as well as having additional unique community renewable energy production. I believe the residents are familiar with their energy sources and I would bet that knowledge influences their behavior. Their thoughts might be "Hey, I've got PV on the roof I'm plugging in while the sun is high!". In addition, and as you state, there are no time of day energy consumption incentives.

While I'm glad to see this type of information being gathered, I believe Mueller is really too small to be a good sample set (I think I ready they have 38 GM Volts).

Commented On: 2013 Chevy Volt Gets 38-Mile Electric Range, Higher 98-MPGe Rating

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It may sound silly but the 2012 only came with fabric seats in black (if you didn't want leather), I live in Texas and it is just brain dead to buy a car with black seats!

That's a good change!! ;-)

Commented On: First 2012 Tesla Model S Delivered To Earliest Depositor Steve Jurvetson (Video)

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Great article, please keep them coming.

I would love to hear about other Model S's which have already been delivered (prior to the 6/22/12 date). I saw that TM may have also delivered Elon's as well...are there others?

Thanks again -
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