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Commented On: Five Strange Eco-Mods For Getting Maximum MPG

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One over the easier ways to increase mpg is to "adjust the nut behind the wheel". (you, the driver) Using an aftermarket device like the scangaugeII that provides continuous mpg feedback of your better driving habits is a sure way to see improvement.
You also failed to mention increasing psi on the tires by at least 5 psi can also have a positive effect on mpg and IS NOT detrimental to the tires or the drive.
I have been 'eco-modding' a 2002 Infiniti Q45 Sport for the last 4 yrs. It's epa hwy is 23mpg. I have achieved 30+mpg atposted speed on long trips.
ps. I run 245/50/18 on factory rims they have 27.7" dia. the stock size is 245/45/18 26" dia since I do alot of hwy driving the larger size works for me,
see for more.
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