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Commented On: North Carolina Wants To Make It Illegal For Tesla To E-Mail Customers

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How absurd!

Commented On: Nissan Slashes Leaf Price To Sell Electric Car In Australia

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Leaf take note - 2003 megane; shudder.

Commented On: Nissan Slashes Leaf Price To Sell Electric Car In Australia

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$53 is still exorbitantly expensive for a car in its range. The government slaps on import taxes up to 50% of the cost of the car to keep the australian car industry (holden and ford) competitive with the rest of the world.

The leaf also looses out here in Australia as buyers are more discerning about styling - and let's not beat around the bush; the leaf is as ugly as renaults megane.

The Europeans seem to have struck the right balance of style and savvy pricing with the introduction of renaults ZOE recently. Introduction of a good looking car with a 20-30k price tag (then battery rental) would be gobbled up here in Australia - Australians are an environmental bunch who embrace new technology quickly if we're not ripped off.

Commented On: Renault Twin'Z: Rear-Drive Electric Car Hints At Next Smart Fortwo

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I've found my new car! Now to wait 5-10 years. Dum di dee....

Commented On: Citroen C3 Hybrid Air Concept: 2013 Geneva Motor Show

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1. Agree with Don; if power is good enough on air motor along, the ICE could be used as a compressor rather than requiring the extra transmission to connect to the wheels direct.
2. Does anyone know what the range in 'air only' mode would be? - if it is 30-40km or so it would be good to be able to compress the air at home by plugging in rather than needing the inboard ICE to replenish the pressures (allowing around town fuel free driving).

Commented On: First Renault Zoe Electric Car Delivered In France

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By your logic ICE cars should be sold with their lifetime of gas included.
The affordable starting price and incremental "energy/battery payments" is an excellent model for allowing the public to adapt to this new, temporarily more expensive, technology.

Now all that needs to happen is mass distribution and prices will come down more. (Hint - Bring this car to Australia!!!)

Commented On: Fast Charging Vs Battery Switching: Better Place Customer Compares

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I love that car in the main picture - nissan should be making an EV that looks like that.
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