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Commented On: May Electric-Car Sales: Leaf Recovers, Volt And Prius Steady

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Not really, up to now ALL of the PiPs delivered where preorders, we all ordered them last October, the preorders are now mostly delivered. Going forward, we will see actual sales of new cars, not by "early adopters", that will tell the real story. BTW, I get between 12-15 miles of EV range, depending on speed, I have never gone just 6 miles only in EV, that's just ludicrous to even quote that.

Commented On: Optimizing For Electric Miles: One Reader Does The Math

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I can only speak for myself' I bought my PiP 2 weeks ago, did my first fillup on Saturday, 7.65 gallons, on 702 miles, with 55KW of electricity used... 91.7mpg. The tank was also not empty, there was about 1.5 gallons or 75 or so HV miles left still.

I only recently signed up for Fuely, and only have the 1 refill so far, but most of my 14.9 mile commute each way is in EV, especially so if it's all stop and go traffic (which it often is in Boston). Also my weekend driving is also mostly in EV. I will not be surprised if I get a 900+ mile tank soon. The key is recharging whenever you can, and take advantage of the charging opportunitys, even if only on 120V
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