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Commented On: Best Used Green Cars To Buy: Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid

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I have 160,000 miles on my '08 Tahoe hybrid. It's had a few issues, most of which were covered by GM under warranty. Bought the truck new in 1/08 to support GM, which was in big trouble at the time. Disclaimer: I've owned Hondas and Toyotas and have a 2012 Prius as well.

The Tahoe is undoubtedly a workhorse that is comfortable to drive on long trips and can fit a lot of stuff. I use it for work and I haul a lot of equipment. It's been reliable and when it has had a problem, OnStar was there to help and I felt confident that I would be safe driving it.

Would I buy another one? Probably, especially if gas prices stay where they are now and I think they will.
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