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Commented On: Marketing Electric Cars As 'Medicine' = Fail, Movie Producer Says

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THANK YOU! Don't be afraid to let people in on how much fun it is to drive an EV.

Commented On: 2012 Ford Focus Electric: Here’s What Dealers Have To Do To Sell It

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I attended a Ford Focus electric ride and drive event yesterday in Kansas City Missouri and got to drive the car. Maybe it was just me but I really got the feeling that the Ford Rep that was at the event wasn't really very excited about the car. He told me (paraphrasing)that Ford was going to ease into the the electric car market and that production numbers would be low. He said it could be two years before the car would have a DC fast charging option. The PR people who were riding in the car knew little to nothing about the vehicle. The PR person riding with me told me proudly that the A/C and heating systems were powered by the 12V battery in the front of the car. I was considering waiting for the Focus. Not now.

Commented On: Does Public Charging Network Confusion Hurt Electric-Car Use?

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Spot on Nikki. I'm hearing the same thing here in Kansas City. Cards that don't work, staions out of order and support numbers out of service. The service will improve when more EVs get on the road.

Commented On: 2012 Ford Focus Electric: Small Ad Budget Due To Low Sales Of Volt, Fisker

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Great story Nikki! My wife and I are planning to buy an electric car in December. We were going to wait and look at the Ford Focus EV but after reading this, I think we will ge ahead and buy a Nissan Leaf. Nissan is creating jobs in Tennesse. We'll go with the bold innovator and not the timid procrastinator. Btw: Still driving my ZAP Nikki. I see you all the time on the net. Good for you! Mark Higley Leavenworth Kansas
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