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Commented On: Renault's Electric Car Plans Unfazed By Better Place Bankruptcy

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Right,Better Place sold around 930 in Israel,include one of mine , monthly delivery is between 100-200 and was growing.

Commented On: Better Place Video Showing EV Battery-Pack Quick Swap: We're Not Convinced

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4 years after this article, i swap battaries when i want to.No single failure , 5 minutes of quiet quality time in my car and battarie is full again 100%.

Commented On: Better Place Electric-Car Battery Swapping: Live Report

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"Modiā€™in, a Haredi Israeli city just outside the West Bank."
Modiin is not a Haredi city and not outside a west bank , all of Israel is is located on West Bank and "Modiin Elit" is Haredi city located 10 km from Modiin .

Commented On: Early Better Place Customer On Israel Electric-Car Experience

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USA has huge incentive on electric car and price of cars are very low , more on Better Place USA business plan here :
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