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Commented On: Will Electric-Car Charging Stations Get 'Roaming' Or Stay Proprietary?

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I'll agree with the other posters. The real problem is that the individual charging networks are requiring people to become members. Gas stations don't have this requirement, and don't have this problem. They just take credit/debit cards. Simple.

Maybe, like gas stations, charging networks could offer increased benefits to members, but still allow non-members to charge, via a credit/debit card. However, by completely disallowing non-members, they are just shooting themselves in their feet. Given the current level of potential customers, this just seems silly.

Commented On: Want To Upgrade Your Leaf Charger To 6.6-kW? It Might Not Happen

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Keep in mind that this is news simply because Mark Perry said, in March 2011, that upgrading the charger in older models WOULD be a possibility. With Nissan now going back on that, it's obviously a disappointment for those who were looking forward to it. Had Mark never made that statement (or said right away it wouldn't be a possibility), I doubt we'd be discussing this today.
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