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Commented On: Etiquette For Electric-Car Charging: Debates Heat Up Over Who Goes First

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I just had a Leaf owner pull the charger cord from my Volt yesterday before it was fully charged. I had gone back to move the Volt based on when it would be fully charged. I left the Leaf owner a note with my name and phone saying that it was poor etiquite to disconnect. I did not receive a call apologizing.

Commented On: Should Electric Cars Have Visible Charge Indicators For The Public?

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Here is an easy way to be courteous to other EV owners. Just put on your inside windshield that you will be done charging at x time and will return to PU your car for the next person. There is always a work around.

Commented On: Charge Your Electric Car For Less: Switch Off Unused Appliances

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I have a 2,000 square foot house and use about 3,650 KWH annually. Vampire loads can only be reduced so much. I shut off mostly everything. WiFi for example if left on uses 60 watts per hour. I have solar panels and gas heat and now a Volt. Solar panels produce about 1,000 excess KWH annually so I will get about 4,000 miles of free driving on my Volt.

Commented On: Last Few Think City Electric Cars Being Finished in Indiana

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A MD dealer has been selling these cars. I would have bought one except that the car has a high pitched whine when you drive it.

Commented On: Electric-Car Prices: Tesla, Nissan, Chevy Should Be Ashamed--Here's Why

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Went to look at and drive a Mitsubishi i. Price had an additional $1,000 Dealer Mark up on top of the MSRP. No way to I pay a markup. Nissan and others should actually be DISCOUNTING all EVs since they get a major credit for emissions on their gas cars.

Commented On: Will Plug-In Cars Outsell Hybrids? Industry Analyst Says Yes

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Well, I've been trying to buy an all electric EV in the Wash/Balt Metro area for the past year. Only within the past month has there been a Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i available to drive (and those only at a few dealers). The Ford Focus EV will not be here until Dec. If you want to buy the ones available , dealers are putting a $1,000 mark up on them in addition to the MSRP. It is bad enough to pay full MSRP, but the add on mark up is insulting.
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