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Commented On: Regulators Still Pushing Hybrid, Electric Warning Sounds For The Blind

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I have owned a hybrid vehicle for 10 years and never had a problem. So what makes these do-gooders believe we need to make some foolish law now. It would be more effective to watch where you are driving. Or start enforcing the biggest danger to drivers and pedestrians alike talking on a cell phone while driving.

Commented On: Hybrids & Electric Cars May Spell Doom For America's Roads

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Our roads and Freeways are not maintained now in California so the < 3% hybrids are not an issue. We have big ruts. seams from relocated lanes, and big potholes on Freeways 101, 680, 580, etc in SF bay area. I don't see any of this problem near the state capitol or Los Angeles. Maybe this more of a problem with our state government's priorities.
Its is also very apparent that truck lanes are in the poorest condition due to the pounding from the trucks, a prime example Altamont pass highway 580.

Commented On: Replacing A 2001 Toyota Prius Battery Pack: What It Cost

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I had my 2002 Prius Hybrid-battery replaced a year ago for $1,700 in two hours by a local person who sells Re-built Toyota Prius HV Batteries on eBay. The car has worked great ever since the replacement.

Commented On: Study Says Hybrid Owners Don’t Always Buy Another Hybrid: Here’s Why

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I see the Hybrid as stepping stone to a full electric vehicle. So I just purchased a 2012 Mitsubishi 'i' rather than replacing my 2002 Toyota Prius with another Hybrid. Why would I buy another Hybrid when I can get 112 MPG equivalent from a EV. Toyota would be smart to offer a full electric vehicle in the near future.
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