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Commented On: Your Chevrolet Volt Needs A Charge Sustaining Mode: Here’s Why

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I can see the benefits of this hold button for using it on long distances. Hopefully GM will put it on the new Volts or maybe they can do a software upgrade for existing Volt owners.

Commented On: 2013 Smart ForTwo: Fresh Styling, New Electric Drive Model

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I told my wife about this article and she said for that price and if the color of the car can be pink she would buy one. I am not for the pink but the price is not too bad. But we shall have to wait to get more details before it would be a contender for my first EV.

Commented On: 2012 Ford Focus Electric To Do Cross-Country Road Trip

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This PR stunt is not bad but I still think Ford is not doing enough to market their Ford Focus electric. Why else have the sales but so horrible. That is just my thought.

Commented On: Plug-In Car Sales Soar In March, Led By Chevrolet Volt

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I have been reading the articles on this site for 6 months now. And just a few minutes ago decided it was time to sign up so I can post comments along with everyone else. I am excited about EVs but would love to hear more news about fuel cells. I do think Ev sales will be higher this year than last year. Also regarding the price new tech is always high. Think of computers and flat screen TVs when they first came out and now they are far more reasonable.
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