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Commented On: Oregon, Too, Wants To Tax Electric Cars (And 55-MPG-Plus Cars Too)

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Also to be considered...
If the concept is 'pay-per-use', not merely per mile...
That F350 represents considerably more wear & tear on your road system than a prius...should they pay the same amount?

Commented On: Tesla's Elon Musk & NY Times: Disturbing Discrepancies On Model S Range Reporting

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Well, someone is lying. Either Mr. Musk or Mr. Broder. And unless Tesla has just fabricated their data log...I cannot imagine how Broder will be able to get work writing for a montessori school paper.

Commented On: Fisker Surf, Sunset On Back Burner; Atlantic Is Top Priority

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Doubt it. They are beautiful...but that's not enough. They should buy the powertrain from Tesla. That might be a worthwhile car.

Commented On: 2012 Tesla Model S: Seven Little Things A Buyer Doesn't Like

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I hear him on the MB shifter, but my experience is that after about a day or two you're used to it and it's your new 'normal'.
And I switch back and forth to an American car all the time with no issues.
Candidly I like the MB layout better, but it is, indeed, different.

Commented On: How Much Space IS There Inside A 2012 Tesla Model S Anyway?

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John's exactly correct.
I propose "Bonnunck".

Commented On: Toyota’s New Electric Car Is One Your Kids, Not You, Will Want To Drive

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So when you buy something like this that is going to endanger your kid...and the worst happens...
Who gets the Darwin award? Kid or Parent?

Commented On: $100 Million For Electric-Car Charging: Devil, Meet Details

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Sounds like one of the two parties could not negotiate its way out of a wet paper bag....

Commented On: Fisker Emphasizes Its Focus On Product Quality

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Well, they're not all dead alongside the road...
Saw my first one today...
May be the usual for most of you, but this was in Minnesota, 30 miles out of Minneapolis, and it was, at that.
And I have to say, it is a very, very attractive car.
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