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Commented On: Mazda To Supply SkyActiv-D Diesels For 2013 Le Mans Teams

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I'd just like them to supply SkyActiv-D engines to the CX-5's they offer for sale in the U.S. That would be a nice "fueler" to pair with our LEAF.

Commented On: Electric Cars ARE Coming, But It Will Be Slow: Why Is This So Hard To Grasp?

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"If it had 50% more" it would be more expensive.

They are trying to find a balance between range and price. The most beneficial use of the Leaf is as a second "commuter car" for families that already have a car they can use for longer trips. Most commuters drive less than 35 miles round trip in one day. For them it is better to have a range that matches their needs at a lower price rather than spend more on range that is not needed.
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