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Commented On: One New York Cabbie Loves His Nissan Leaf Electric Taxi

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I would have liked to know a bit more info on range/charging. How many times a working day does he have to charge on a quick charging station? Say worse case he is getting in 3 to 4 hours per charge on a 10 hour shift. He would have to charge minimum 3 times. Two of those times would be during lunch break and dinner break. the third would eat up 30 minutes of fares. So how much does it cost him to charge up every time. I ask this cause the new cab Nissan Vans will have the same platform (but heavier I would guess) so fewer miles per charge? or will Nissan be squeezing a few more mile with new software?

Commented On: What Questions Would You Ask Tesla's Elon Musk?

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I would ask him if he plans to keep Tesla manufacturing 100% in the US... I figure that many ships go back to China partially empty... I am sure he could save in shipping to China!

Commented On: Energy Department Launches 'eGallon' To Explain Electric-Car Cost, Efficiency

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With my car I get 8X's not 3X's... What they should do is add a second drop down so one can input ones actual gas car milage.... We are not all the same or drive the same cars, as much as the government tries to make us!

Commented On: What Goes Into A Tesla Model S Battery--And What It May Cost

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The $400 is justified even if the price of a "solo" Kw is below 350 or lower. You need to include the cost of the infrastructure to install the batteries (in the car)... the cost of testing (crash testing etc.) the batteries prior to full production of the Model S. And the price of the "case" (manufacturing, installation, fireproofing etc.) the batteries come in. Once you take all these factors into play Yes the price will come down as volume increases (of cars sold) Each car chips away at that initial start up cost. Eventually coming down to what it cost them (plus 10%... they are running a business) and thus that savings trickles down to the consumer...

Commented On: Tesla's Next Electric Car Line: Roundup Of What We Know Now

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All I would ask for is that they push it up a year...

Commented On: Electric Cars Vs. Solar Panels: Which One's The Gateway Drug?

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If it was me I would go electric car first... save my 400 bucks a month (gas bill) then apply 50% of that savings at year end towards solar.... and do the same thing the following year and so on... thus the electric car will eventually pay for its own electricity...

Commented On: 2015 Infiniti LE 'Luxury Leaf' Sedan Put On Hold Indefinitely

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As much as I would like to say it is some sort of move to kill the plug in I have to agree that they would have had to increase the battery pack... Tesla has proven that todays "Luxury" consumer needs 150+ miles per charge to feel comfortable. But personally I think Tesla got rid of the 40Kw Model S cause it would compete against its future smaller Tesla brethren... So If I could spend 55K on two electric cars with the same 40Kw battery pack (I am pretty sure the smaller Tesla will carry this size only) and one is much larger and more luxurious than the other guess which one I would buy? Tesla does not need to have its own cars compete against each other... smart move if you ask me, But that move did take away my Tesla dream... for now...

Commented On: Electric-Car Battery Swapping, Slovakian Style (Well, Vans, Anyway)

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This makes sense... question is how many miles does a typical transport van do in a day? (city transport mind you). I can imagine this with UPS and or FedEx if they need it... I really don't see these trucks doing more than 60 miles a day... anyone have these numbers?

Commented On: Next Chevy Volt $10,000 Cheaper To Build, Profitable For GM?

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Please for the love of Volt give us FIVE (5, cinco, Fünf, Cinque, Cinq, Пять, 五, חמש , خمسة, Πέντε, पांच, Beş, Cinci) seats!

Commented On: Oh, Tesla: Your 'Lease' Is Smart, But That Calculator Wasn't

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I love this... it is so 'out of left field' that it works for me... Yes I am smart enough to know every month I will have to be out of pocket 1051 bucks, yes I know that I will not be paying for gas thus I can subtract that amount (theoretically)... but the fact still stands... I am one step closer to owning one of these fantastic cars... and that makes me, and I am sure many others, smiling all the way to the bank... Elon don't change we love you just the way you are!
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