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Commented On: Tesla Model S Owners Crowdsource Trip To Counter NY Times Report

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They can't possibly replicate the trip qccurately unless they plan on Brodering in the Milford parking lot for an hour.

Commented On: Fake 'Shifting' For Electric Cars: Dumbest Idea Of The Year

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They should also add that simulated overfilled gas-tank smell, because, dang, drivers sure will have trouble if they don't smell it's a car.

Commented On: Nissan Leaf Electric-Car Sales Slump: What's Happening Here?

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Leather seats? Does Nissan have any idea what kind of people want to buy an all-electric vehicle? Hint: think crunchy Granola types. yeah, not the only audience, but definitely the part most likely to swear off gas completely.

Commented On: Like The Plug, Not The Range: Leaf Owner Trades In For Volt (Ampera)

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Of course there is charging infrastructure wherever you are going, assuming you can find a standard household electrical outlet. Depending on how long your commute is, 8 hours of charging while you're at work anyway will get you another 40-50 miles or so of range (at 120V).

As to the comments about needing two cars to replace the Volt... um, hello? Don't most people live with another adult, who needs another car? Buy one EV and one hybrid. Problem solved unless both of you need to drive a long distance the exact same day.

Commented On: 2012 Coda Sedan: On Sale, But Can You Test-Drive One?

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I got to test-drive a Coda at the Silicon Valley dealer, but it was a unit with known brake issues. I told them the brakes felt really squishy and they said they knew that one had problems. So, haven't driven the "good" one yet.

This was at the event where they delivered a Coda to a buyer.

The silver dealer car was in a July 4th parade in San Jose as part of the EAA fleet. There were 17 pure EVs participating including 7 LEAFs. We were supposed to have a Tesla but that driver didn't show.

Commented On: June Plug-In Electric Car Sales: Volt Stays Strong, Leaf Low

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Xialong, what do you mean by "EV only"? Most households have two drivers and two vehicles (or more). Most people do not commute beyond the LEAF's range every day. The case you make for a trip to an airport 67 miles away could be handled by taking the ICE car if you had access to a spouse/partner's vehicle. But in most cases the EV would take you to work and back with plenty of errands along the way. For those who have a sales route or a very long commute, a pure EV may not be the best choice. But to say it's wrong for "most people" is uninformed.

Commented On: Electric Cars: Some Are Real, Most Are Only 'Compliance Cars'--We Name Names

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Xiaolong, there's a good article on Inside EVs that says US Leaf sales are low because of low allocations, not low demand. 4 other models of Renault need the same battery packs and there's only one factory for all of them. And the Leaf is sold worldwide, not just in the US. The only country getting the number of Leafs it orders is Japan itself. Let's see if Ghosn is right that sales will rapidly increase with the UK and US factories come on line building cars. They are already beginning to build the batteries.

Commented On: Electric Cars: Some Are Real, Most Are Only 'Compliance Cars'--We Name Names

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Apples and oranges.

The Volt now has the California approved format for the PZEV sticker, which it didn't have before. The old Volts were also all over the lot.

The Leafs are sitting in dealer lots because the dealers marked them up substantially. The dealer we bought our Leaf from marked up the 2012 model $5,000. Yes, an extra $5K. Because they could. If that markup weren't there, there wouldn't be any on the lot, so that's a decision those dealers made, knowing they'd sell slower but at more profit.

Commented On: Gas, Hybrid, Diesel, Electric: What Do They Cost Over 5 Yrs?

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Nonsensical reply. The half "not paying tax" aren't in the market for any new vehicles.

Tax credits come straight off what is owed, which includes Federal tax already withheld. If you make more than $70K a year household, in almost all cases you will benefit fully from the Federal tax credit.

So you're in favor of raising taxes for everyone? I thought the Obama-opponents want taxes cut even more, in hopes of drowning the government in the bathtub.

Commented On: Gas, Hybrid, Diesel, Electric: What Do They Cost Over 5 Yrs?

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But ignore Kelley Blue Book's numbers, which used a ridiculously high insurance price for the LEAF, based on a quote from Progressive only. Most insurers are pricing EV insurance at similar rates to ICE cars based on purchase price.
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