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Commented On: 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV: First Drive Report

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Spark EV does have a very strong "Fun to drive" vibe. Too bad the fun has to wait for the 3.3kW on-board charger. Otherwise a compelling offering from GM.

Commented On: When "Electric" Doesn't Qualify You To Use Electric-Car Parking

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Effective January 1, 2012, the California DMV no longer arbitrates ZEV status for the purpose of parking or charging;

These were not the HOV stickers. They conferred ZEV status only for parking or charging and were issued to EVs, including conversions.

Commented On: When "Electric" Doesn't Qualify You To Use Electric-Car Parking

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California’s DMV used to issue a ZEV sticker that validated access to EV parking/charging, but has recently abandon that process. How does the average parking attendant know the difference between a Fiat 500 and the 500e? Fit and Fit EV? BMW 1 series and Active E? C-Max/Fusion Hybrid and Energi? Focus and Focus Electric? Prius and Prius Plug-in? MINI Cooper and MINI E, Spark and Spark EV… I believe charge site access must fall to those that can adjudicate the difference, as they do with HOV access or disabilities plates.

Commented On: Audi: "R8 e-tron Electric Supercar Won't Go On Sale"

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Time to block "Audi" + "e-tron" as spam...

Commented On: Electric-Car Charging Station Locator App Companies To Merge

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The two top EV site aggregators, aggregate :)

Commented On: What Are The Best Plug-In Electric Cars For Very Tall People?

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Thankfully recent “upright seating“ trend is more accommodating. Preference will depend on how your height is distributed between legs and torso. At 6’1”, the MINI E needed the seat slid three clicks forward and cranked up four for best comfort, and still left room for a helmet. Fit EV is maxed out on seat track but headroom is still good. A lady friend that’s 6’2” got behind the wheel in the Fit EV and was clearly uncomfortably cramped. LEAF, Spark EV and 500e all had sufficient room for me. iMiEV’s sloped A pillar and roof required a duck under, but was comfortable once inside. C-Max also required tighter tuck to enter. To ensure a comfortable fit, always best to try them on first.

Commented On: 2013 Fiat 500e Electric Car: First Drive

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A smart call by Fiat to turn the press loose in the Hollywood Hills and Santa Monica Mountains to show an EV at it’s best. I’d prefer a “B” mode for lift-throttle regen, but otherwise the 500e seem to have hit all the relevant requirements to be the latest standard by which “affordable” EVs are measured. It will be interesting to watch the market pass judgment this summer when Chevy's Spark EV arrives. Choice is good.

Commented On: Charging Etiquette Fail: Why Electric-Car Owners Resent Plug-In Hybrids

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"Practically speaking, what do the complainers suggest?" Ford should use their contact card, as they correctly suggest. Props to Ford on the savvy EV etiquette video. Now, how to get their marketing department to watch it?!?

Commented On: Would You Want To Buy This Subcompact Electric Car? (Video)

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Lower cost, higher efficiency, more range, faster charging, better looking. Hopeful the Zoe will replace the LEAF In the US for 2014.

Commented On: Should Electric Cars Have Visible Charge Indicators For The Public?

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Fob tells me SOC when I’m nearby. Phone app gives SOC and charger status from anywhere. Note on the dash tells others what time its OK to unplug my car, and my cell number if they have a question. Problem solved :)
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