Elon Musk: Tesla Model S 'Ends Range Anxiety' With Smart Navigation, Trip Planner

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Earlier this week,  Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased us Model S owners with a tweet promising to “end range anxiety.” In a press conference this morning, Musk revealed the goods: an over-the-air firmware update that, while not increasing the range of the car, will at least set the driver’s mind at ease...Read more

Tesla Model S Double-Pedal Behavior Still Inconsistent: A Safety Plea To Elon Musk

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Last summer, I wrote an article patting Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk on the back for being so responsive to Model S electric-car owners. Of whom I am one. But in 2015?  Not so much. I ended that article with a plea to Musk for a safety upgrade on the Model S: a firmware change to cut off power to the wheels if the ...Read more

Tesla Model S Cross-Country Trip, Without (Many) Superchargers: Days 8-10

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After seven days of traveling cross-country in my Tesla Model S electric car--including routes without Supercharger DC fast-charging sites--I had made it as far as Texas. The trip demanded both forward planning and considerable thought toward contingencies, should conditions not permit the Tesla to go as far as I'd pla...Read more

Tesla Model S Cross-Country Trip, Without (Many) Superchargers: Days 4-7

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A cross-country road trip in a Tesla Model S electric car requires a fair amount of forward planning and contingency research. Still, I made it from New York's cold, snowy Hudson Valley into the warm, humid climes of Alabama in my first three days--as I wrote about yesterday. Then, waking up on Day Four, I had a strok...Read more

Tesla Model S Cross-Country Trip, Without (Many) Superchargers: Days 1-3

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With our daughter off to college, my wife and I recently became empty-nesters. Suddenly, there was no more reason to endure the wretched winters in New York’s Hudson Valley. California, here we come: We rented a cottage for February and March in the small beach town of Carpinteria, an hour north of Los Angeles. ...Read more