Tesla Model S Vs BMW i3: Electric-Car Efficiency Comparison Test

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The EPA has dubbed the all-electric 2014 BMW i3 the most efficient production car sold in the U.S., with an impressive 125 MPGe rating--the best of any electric vehicle. By comparison, my 2013 Tesla Model S with an 85-kilowatt-hour battery is rated at only 89 MPGe. That's a hefty 39-percent efficiency advantage for th...Read more

Indiana Utility: Electric-Car Owners Recharge FREE, At Night

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Electric-car owners know that home recharging is virtually always cheaper, on a per-mile basis, than driving on gasoline. In some cases, it's considerably cheaper. We recently reported on the sweet deal enjoyed by a Tesla Model S owner in Indianapolis, whose local utility charges just 2.3 cents per kWh for overnight E...Read more

Life With Tesla Model S: Tires Cost Me More Than My 'Fuel' Does

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I always knew electric cars were cheap to run, but this is ridiculous. After I bought the first set of replacement tires for my 2013 Tesla Model S (at 26,000 miles), I crunched the numbers and came to a startling conclusion: I've spent substantially less per mile for my electric "fuel" than I have for my tires. DON'T ...Read more

2014 Tesla Model S: Killing 3 Versions, 2 Colors, Some Options

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In an effort to simplify its assembly process and boost production rates, Tesla Motors has streamlined its 2014 Tesla Model S electric-car lineup and eliminated several variants. Specifically, the California carmaker will no longer offer its P85 and P85+ performance versions in rear-wheel-drive form--those models will...Read more

Motor Trend Reviews Tesla P85D, Drools & Froths Uncontrollably

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Been searching for stratospheric levels of soaring, over-the-top, heavens-rattling hyperbole lately?   You will do no better than the recent road test of the Tesla Model S P85D, published on Monday by Motor Trend. That's the new dual-motor all-wheel-drive version of its signature electric car, revealed last month...Read more