Life With Tesla Model S: Battery Safety Shield In Detail (Photos)

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When I first heard last week that Tesla was offering Model S owners a free retrofit that would install its new underbody shield and deflector plates, I called my local Tesla Motors service center almost immediately. It seemed like a no-brainer. The titanium shield and two aluminum deflector plates were free, weighed o...Read more

Life With Tesla Model S: UPDATE On Pedal Placement Problem

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Two days ago, I described in this article a frightening incident  in my Tesla Model S. Approaching a downhill intersection, I inadvertently stepped on both the brake and accelerator pedals simultaneously. The car barely slowed, and it appeared I was headed for a collision with another car. Fortunately, I realized...Read more

Life With Tesla Model S: One Year And 15,000 Miles Later

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Well, it's now been a year since I took delivery of my dark green 2013 Tesla Model S with the 60-kilowatt-hour battery. After almost four years of waiting, those first days after delivery were euphoric. As I recall, the words "greatest freaking car in the entire freaking Universe" (or thereabouts) passed my lips on se...Read more

Has U.S. Demand For The Tesla Model S Electric Car Stabilized?

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Last month, Tesla Motors reported deliveries of a record 6,892 Model S vehicles during the fourth quarter of 2013. Giddy investors promptly sent Tesla shares zooming higher. But many of those cars--Tesla isn't saying how many--were delivered to Europe. And if you look closely, there are signs that demand for the Model...Read more

Life With Tesla Model S: NY-FL Supercharger Road Trip, Returning

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Last week, in the middle of a prolonged and depressing stretch of winter weather in New York's Hudson Valley, I decided I had to get the hell out. Time for a road trip to a warm place. It was a perfect opportunity to test out Tesla's new East Coast Supercharger Highway, the just-completed string of proprietary ultra-f...Read more