2014 BMW i3: What A Tesla Driver Thinks Of New Electric BMW

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Several reports in general news media recently have touted the new 2014 BMW i3 electric car as a serious challenger to the Tesla Model S. One writer even went so far as to label the i3 a "Tesla killer." Dream on. There's no way a frumpy-looking little 2+2 city car is going to challenge the mighty Tesla. I can't imagi...Read more

Tesla Model S Electric Car: Software Updates Since 2012

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While today's Tesla Model S electric car may look just the same as the first one that rolled off the line two years ago, it's had quite a few hardware updates under the surface. But from a Tesla owner's point of view, the car has been improved far more by numerous updates to its computer software than by a handful of ...Read more

Owning A Tesla Model S: New Book Offers Tips, Tricks, Inside Info (Book Review)

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Regular readers of Tesla forums will recognize the name of Nick J. Howe, whose hundreds of astute comments recently earned him accolades for "best forum postings over time," according to a reader poll. A Florida chemical engineer and owner of a Tesla Model S P85, Howe has technical savvy, dogged curiosity, and some in...Read more

2014 BMW i3 Test Drive: No Help From Salesman For Electric-Car Buyer

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Every time I visit a conventional car dealership to test-drive an electric car, I'm  struck by the salesman's lack of savvy about plug-in cars. The first time I drove a Chevy Volt three years ago, the salesman barely knew how to turn the car on, and had no clue about electric cars in general. The Nissan salesman ...Read more

Life With Tesla Model S: New Northeastern Superchargers Now Live

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As the owner of a Tesla Model S in New York's Hudson Valley, I've long lamented the puzzling dearth of Superchargers in the Northeastern U.S. But in the last few weeks, the official opening of two of Tesla's superfast (120-kilowatt) free DC charging stations in New Jersey and upstate New York--both ideally sited--have...Read more