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Commented On: Plug-in Electric Car Sales In Canada, July 2013: Tesla On Top?

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I just got the numbers of EVERY plug-in in Quebec Province for the 1st quarter of 2013 (january to march). You will find the detailed numbers here:

I should get 2nd quarter numbers soon!

Commented On: Tesla Model S: Canada's 2nd-Best-Selling Plug-In Electric Car

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Good work Matthew!! Do you have in hand Tesla sales number for Quebec,BC and Alberta? You seem to have the info for each province (you give out the info for Ontario and Manitoba).

Also do you have Tesla Sales number in Canada in 2012 (that is the Signatures delivered at the end of December?). I know that in Quebec, 21 have been delivered in december (see link below)

We could share some info about Canada and Quebec. Here is an article that may interest you:

Commented On: Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid Proves Popular: Production Doubles In Europe

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«Demand could go up in London too, with the announcement that the city's congestion charge exemption will only be granted to cars producing below 75 g/km of CO2. Once the regulations come into force in July, Volvo will be the only automaker with a luxury vehicleexempt from the $15-per-day charge.»

I thought that the Tesla Model S would be available in Europe in July, no? The Model S certainly fits in the «luxury». Of course, by emitting 0 g/KM, it's hard to beat!!

Commented On: How Far CAN The 2012 Chevrolet Volt Travel On Electricity Alone?

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Oh by the way, I'm pretty sure that a someone with a 2013 VOLT will get past 65 miles on one charge !!

EV's are really improving fast !! thats good news!

Commented On: How Far CAN The 2012 Chevrolet Volt Travel On Electricity Alone?

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Hello all,

On march 18th 2012, I did 60.6 miles on one charge. Take note that I returned home (to my point of departure), so that we are certain that I did not have a loss of altitude advantage.

And I got this score with only 10.0 KwH ... if my Volt would have let me use 10.3 KwH like some get, I may have got between 61 or 62 miles!! Unfortunately, my VOLT NEVER lets me use more than 10.0 KwH before the engine kicks in (It's usually 9.7 KwH)

There's a 60+ miles CLUB on gm-volt, so please post your score!!

Here's 2 article proving it:

Commented On: If 63% Of Volt Miles Are Electric, Isn't It An Electric Car?

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I totally AGREE with you !! The VOLT is an ELECTRIC CAR.

And the guy writing those lines, is the proud owner of a VOLT AND a FOCUS ELECTRIC !! ;-)

Commented On: Landlords Vs Tenants With Electric Cars: The Latest Round

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By the way Mike Nemat, Ottawa VOLT owner SOLD his Condo apartment and bought a house with a private garage !! He had no choice since the Condo Board choice was a clear NO.

Commented On: Your Chevrolet Volt Needs A Charge Sustaining Mode: Here’s Why

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You bet that it would be very nice for me !! I'm living about 100 miles from Montreal. I go there for work at least once per week. If I could have a «hold» mode on my VOLT, I could use the EV mode when arriving in Montreal and help against smog. Do anyone know if the EPA rule preventing the VOLT to offer the HOLD mode is applied to Canada (I think it's Transport Canada who's the authority there) ?

Commented On: 2012 Ford Focus Electric: 105 MPGe, 76-Mile Range...10 Sales

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I was at the Quebec City Auto show today. I went to Ford's stand. I found one Focus EV «hidden» behind 3 or 4 ICE Focus. The doors of the Focus EV were LOCKED! I asked a Ford rep how come it was locked ... she said that it was a hand made prototype!!

She told me that the Focus EV will be available in Canada by June at 42 000$. I think that I'm skeptical ...


Commented On: 2012 Tesla Model S: Would YOU Drive It At Just 55 MPH?

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Sorry ...

One correction:
The EPA EV miles for the Volt is NOT 32 miles but 35 miles.

Also, when the EPA numbers are out for a «normal» ICE car, I'm sure that it's not based on a speed of 75-80 miles per hour !!

If my memory is correct, it's based on a complete trip with a mix of city / highway) and always respecting the posted speed limit.

So if you buy an ICE car, and then you drive it at 80 miles per hour, the owner will NOT complain when he realize that his MPG rating is lower than the EPA sticker ?? Also his range with a gas thank would be lower right (by at least 15-20%).

But because it's en EV car the owner would complain?

What I like about Tesla, compared to the other makers, is that they clearly specify 55 mph.
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