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Commented On: 2013 Buick Encore: 28 MPG Combined, Best U.S. Crossover

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The price of any of those cars compared to the Buick? What's the payback on the initial investment?

Commented On: Audi A3 e-tron Prototype: First Drive Video (Exclusive)

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Saw one of the 17 at 8:30am yesterday at Palo Alto City Hall garage. Looks great with those wheels.

Commented On: 2012 Tesla Model S: Coming In June, Projected 250-300 Miles At Highway Speeds

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As with every all-electric car, even though the S will be certified by the EPA as a 265 mile car using the 5-mode test, how close to the sun do you dare to fly? In other words, Do you dare driving it 250 miles? 220? 200? If you're not sure how far away the next charger is... or if it will be busy.

Commented On: Electric Cars: Some Are Real, Most Are Only 'Compliance Cars'--We Name Names

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Harsh, very harsh -- but true in at least some cases. I have some hope that both the Chevrolet and the Toyota may prove to be "real" non-compliance cars. The Mitsubishi and Ford: Yes, I am in agreement.

Commented On: April Electric Car Sales Lower; Plug-In Prius Leads Sales

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In California, the Volt scrapes by at an 8 day inventory level, essentially zero. Chevrolet would have sold another few hundred Volts in April if they were just available at the dealerships. Almost all dealerships are sold out of Volts in California.

Commented On: Should U.S. Cut Import Duties On Electric-Car Parts?

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"Necessary to protect national industry"? That's a discredited argument that if you don't understand it anyway, is taught in Economics 101. Borders are artificial. It's just a tax. Should Safeway pay higher tax so that Whole Foods can prosper? No.

Commented On: Toyota RAV4 EV Teaser: Launch Details Coming Next Week

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And shortly thereafter comes the Tesla Model S:

Commented On: 2012 Nissan Leaf Proves A Big Hit In Norway: Here’s Why

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Who said tax incentives don't work? Lower the taxes. Heck, eliminate them. That's where we were before 1913 anyway.

Commented On: Electric Cars' Secret Advantage: They're Just Nicer To Drive

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This has been my argument all along. I agree 100%. I've always believed that global warming is a hoax and that the monetary savings are, more or less, largely not there (yet). But the car just drives better.

Commented On: Higher Gas Prices Don't Change Buyers' New-Car Choices Much

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Please. If people don't want a product, they must be forced to buy it? Isn't that a bit Stalinist? Let's apply that to all other products as well -- food, houses, apartments, clothes, TV services, computers, etc etc. Well... Why should some people (gov't bureaucrats) force other people (defenseless civilians) to do, or don't do, one thing or the other?
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