One Year With Better Place: Electric-Car Driver's Report

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Today marks my first anniversary driving a Better Place Renault Fluence ZE battery-electric car. So it seemed appropriate to summarize my experience to date with the Better Place service, which has had some challenges but is still very much in operation. I paid around $45,000 upfront for my car and four years of servi...Read more

How's Better Place Doing In Israel These Days?

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The Better Place electric-car system has not had a good run of news lately. But despite little attention, it has managed to boost the sales rate in Israel for its cars, along with subscriptions to its battery-switching service. Deliveries for all of 2012 were 518 cars. Roughly the first 100 were cars for internal use ...Read more

100 Days With A Better Place Electric Car: Likes & Dislikes

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It's been a little more than 100 days since I drove away in my first electric car, a Renault Fluence ZE, as one of the first 100 private paying customers of the Better Place company in Israel. Here's the rundown of how I've used the car, including my likes and dislikes. In 113 days, I've covered 3,700 electric miles, ...Read more

How Do Public Charging Stations Fit Into Better Place Service?

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Electric-car drivers in the U.S. are now asking, What is a fair price value for use of public Level 2 charging stations? In the U.S. and Europe, multiple networks of charging-spot providers have proliferated. Some are or were free, others offer a variety of payment terms, authentication systems, and cards or fobs. Pay...Read more

One Way Better Place Wins In Israel: Actual Customer Service

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After five weeks driving a Better Place electric car in Israel, I'm gaining a deeper insight into the company's plans. The Better Place annual subscription model, including service and support, costs more than the U.S. practice of buying an electric car outright and charging it at home. How customers feel about this s...Read more