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Commented On: 2002 Toyota RAV4 EV: Enduringly Popular Electric Car On eBay

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I highly doubt the new RAV4 will be less than $39K.

Commented On: Volvo C30 Electric: Keeping Car And Occupants Warm In The Cold

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I use neither. And yes, that is also unacceptable. We need to stop using our natural resources. When we do, we are thieves.

Commented On: It's Tax Time: Have You Filed For Your Green-Car Credits?

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James, obviously you haven't done your homework. That 'bug eye' design keeps wind noise to a minimum. I prefer function over form. The LEAF is the quietest car on this planet!

Commented On: World's Quietest Drag Race? Nissan Leaf Vs Chevy Volt (Video)

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There's just one word for the video maker: Idiot! The Volt isn't a BEV like the LEAF. It's a hybrid. So let's see some intelligence and make videos Hybrid vs. Hybrid and BEV vs. BEV.

Commented On: Truth-Telling Snopes Site Goes To Bat Over Chevy Volt E-Mail

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Sorry John, but I have to correct you about what happens when battery power is depleted. The gas engine drives/powers the wheels. It doesn't just charge the battery pack.

Commented On: GE Employees Get Chevy Volt Electric Cars, All-Gas Use OKed Sometimes

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Sorry to inform Jeff at GE, but the Volt is a hybrid, not an EV. The gas engine can drive the wheels under certain conditions even if battery power is available.
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