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Commented On: BMW ActiveE Electric Car First Drive: What's It Really Like?

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Tesla Model S looks promising. My LEAF gives 3.9-4.5miles/KwH in temp. 35-70 degrees. I don't like to lease vehicles, even though I realize the EV technology changing & improving rapidly. I test drove the LEAF 3 times (over 2 years) before buying it. Fortunately Nissan was a nationwide "Drive Tour", bringing lot of awareness. I was sold on the EV-02, the LEAF was called with their second prototype, after the my first test drive.

Financially, how much the ActiveE cost , including sales tax? I paid $40,500 before the tax credit (including all charges) for SL model.

I really hope that Lithium-Air (Oxygen) technology proves to be viable & cost effective within 5-10 years to make EV a long distance car. BMW sees a market EV. Would love2C BMW
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