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Commented On: Would You Retrofit A Range Extender To Your Electric Car?

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Shows that Tesla has the only viable electric car in production. I routinely drive more than 75 miles in a day. I have family 65 to 70 miles away and my cabin is 57 miles away and I work just over 40 miles away from home and the only EV that can do that kind of range is the Tesla Model S. Slapping an ICE into an EV to extend its range is a bit of bandage compared to adding additional battery capacity. Soon I hope to see 150+ mile range EV's that will satisfy all but 1% of drivers daily needs. Hopefully Tesla's GEN III will be the first 200 mile range affordable EV in the $30,000 to $35,000 price point. By 2016 Detroit & Japan better offer bigger battery packs that offer more driving range than their current seemingly agreed upon 75 miles.

Commented On: Tesla's Musk Promises Deep Dive Into Electric-Car Emissions

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I can not believe that certain politically motivated groups are saying a EV pollutes worse than an SUV. Even it coal were used to generate 100% electricity most studies show far less emissions since scrubbers systems are used on coal burning plants they are able to reduce particulates to extremely low levels. Now electricity can be made from anything that turns a generator such as hydroelectric and wind and geothermal and nuclear and none of these make any green house gases as well as from the sun itself with solar electric panels so Elon go and stomp out this misinformation being made by advocates of the petrol chemical industry. Also America needs sustainable energy and Home solar arrays could essentially make one energy neutral too.

Commented On: Tesla In China: Promised Land, Huge Risks...Or Both?

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I would not be surprised if a few big automakers haven't already looked at a Tesla Model S by looking at its battery pack design and it's power inverter and ac induction motor. I am sure China would be able to set up a straw buyer to buy one and ship it off to China to tear it down in order to reverse engineer it even if Tesla would be actively trying to keep it out of the Chinese market which they are not. Air pollution is terrible in China with dirty coal powered electric grids and many people heat their homes by burning coal rather than clean burning natural gas as we do here in the USA. I would like to see China even try and copy the Model S since most of the parts can be readily bought on the open market so why would they even try?

Commented On: 2014 BMW i3 Electric Car: Full Details And Images Released

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I am a pharmacist and I understand the metric system better than our old archaic system. We had a chance to go metric back in the late 1970's but the conservatives blocked it. I wish we would have. In effect the USA uses both systems now. Try using a so called standard wrench on your new American car and you will understand why everything is metric now and has been for some time.

Commented On: 2014 BMW i3 Range Extender: Heavier, Less Electric Range, Less Performance

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Looking at the pictures it seems strange that BMW decided to drop the window area down for the rear seat. It really distracts from a potentially good design. Without the rear side window drop downs the car would look much better.

Commented On: Plug-In Electric Car Buyers Very Satisfied With Cars: Report

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After going from a nearly silent EV most drivers are shocked at how their gas car is so rough and jerky with all the gear changing of the transmission and just how plain loud their gasoline car engine is. I am looking forward to Tesla's Gen III sedan with a 200 mile range coming in 2016

Commented On: Why Walk? Electric Toyota Winglet Gives Those Legs A Rest

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Looks like a Segway copy. I bet they will sell some in Japan and not too many here in the USA. Plus why would you really want one in the real world unless you were working in a warehouse or some other large building where you have walk long distances. Why not just use an electric cart? Small electric cart can hold more than one rider and go faster too. Too many Americans are morbidly Obese and walking is perhaps the best exercise out there so I feel if you are able to walk then do so. I can see some limited uses however for it in certain things that require large amounts of walking such as in a warehouse. Perhaps Weird Al sums it up best
They see me roll on, my Segway!
I know in my heart they think I'm
white n' nerdy!

Commented On: 2014 BMW i3 Electric Car Revealed In Leaked Images

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First impressions are everything. Why do you think the Ford Edsel failed?. Nothing like a big horseshoe shaped Grill on the from to ruin a pretty decent looking car. The front end is alright. I do not like how BMW dropped the sill on the rear windows lower than what the front windows are. It looks very strange. I could have seen a muscular yet sleek good looking small sporty hatchback design that blended the rear doors into the body shape better. This is a big disappointment from BMW in the styling department.

Commented On: 2014 BMW i3 Electric Car Revealed In Leaked Images

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I will look at it in a car show but I don't see how it will grow on me. It is very unusual looking to say the least. I like the Chevy spark EV looks way better than this thing. I thought BMW was going to design a sporty 2 door hatchback that seat four. This looks like it is not finished and the body lines are anything but sexy.

Commented On: 2014 BMW i3 Electric Car Revealed In Leaked Images

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@Bret: It's not the hatch back design that bothers me. You have to admit that It looks very strange with the base of the rear windows going well below the level of the front windows. It is sort of homely looking and not at all along the designs of what BMW has done in the past. What were they thinking? Do they want this car to fail?
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