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Commented On: KTM E-Speed: Electric Scooters Just Got Cool

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Love the styling. How much?

Commented On: ZeitEco Electric Scooter Is A Swiss Army Knife On Two Wheels

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Ugly little thing

Commented On: 2012 Nissan Leaf Lease Now $219 A Month, Incentives Increase

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Our leaf is performing wonderfully with no battery losses and this has been Colorado's hottest summer since record keeping began. Over 78 days above 90. So why people are having this problem is a mystery because ours works great!! We routinely get nearly 100 miles a day without AC and above 80 with it.

Commented On: Nissan To Reboot Leaf Effort, Asks Electric-Car Fans For Help

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I would be interested in trading my 2012 for 1 2013 or 2014 if I could get a fair lease. when I bought mine the dealer was a jerk and wanted nearly $150 more than the standard lease from Nissan (didn't pay that much). So screw their Nissan dealers who began this approach to screw their customers. Until Nissan itself offers us a fair trade-in were no longer interested in buying another Nissan period.

Commented On: 2012 Hyundai Veloster: TheCarConnection's Six-Month Road Test

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My opinion is where is the road test!

Commented On: Nissan Transports 2012 Leafs With Solar-Powered Hybrid Ship

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Why not go one better and charge fully the Nissan Leaf's it's transporting using SOLAR POWER back on the shores of Japan--then use it's own 'LEAF TO HOME' power converter to power the ship entirely from the sun using the stored power in all the transported Leafs!!! I bet it can be done with a few extra stored batteries within the ship itself.

Commented On: January Electric Car Sales Low: Winter A Factor?

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What a lot of Leaf owners are doing is short charging (as opposed to short changing) the real advantages of the Leaf by not installing solar power panels on their home free of charge. SolarCity and other solar power panel companies are letting homeowners LEASE the panels with NO OUT-OF-POCKET expenses which is silly that homeowners do not take advantage of this program.

I did, and now I charge my Leaf from sun power and therefore the CAFE standards for electric cars do NOT apply as my miles per gallon is essentially infinite.

And in March, Nissan will be selling a 'Leaf-to-Home' converter so that you can power your home-most everything except the AC, for up to 2 days. This means I have battery storage for my home for use at night too.

Commented On: 2012 Toyota Prius C Hybrid Vs 2012 Toyota Yaris: MPG Battle

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Buyers will have a hard time finding gas for these in about 9 months after Israel nukes Iran and Muslims worldwide unite and embargo the entire Western world driving up the price of gas to over $10 a gallon and 5 mile long gas lines -- even longer than in 1974 embargo.

Instead, people should be buying Leafs, Focus EV's, etc and use roof mounted solar panels to drive using OPEC free sun energy.
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