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Commented On: Chrysler Admits: Electric Fiat 500 Is Compliance Car We Don't Want To Make

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I have a novel idea. How about we let car companies make cars that people (the 99%) want to buy at prices they're willing to pay rather than have the government (the 1%) force car companies to make more of a type of car than there's enough of a market to support yet? Crazy, I know. It's not like there's the entire history of American prosperity to back me up.

Commented On: Ecotality Sues To Stop Proposed NRG Charging-Station Deal With CA

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"an illegal giveaway that would create a monopoly over electric vehicle charging in California"

"The NRG deal was consulted behind closed doors"

"the influence of large energy companies on public policy"

Ecotality is going about this all wrong by using the courts. In a state where the government interferes in every aspect of the economy, the best way to get things done or resolved is to buy off (bribe) the meddling politicians. Fight fire with fire, so to speak.

Commented On: Honda Reveals New Personal Mobility Device: Err... No Thanks

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Maybe people on crutches (for whatever reason) would use these. But since crutches are temporary, these would have to be rentable, probably from hospitals and doctors' offices.

Maybe a museum (or anywhere you walk a lot) would have these on hand for old folks who can usually walk just fine, but have trouble walking for a long period of time. Malls?

Commented On: Electric Cars: Some Are Real, Most Are Only 'Compliance Cars'--We Name Names

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First, kudos for pushing these companies to put up or shut up.

Second, hooray for stupid, useless government regulations.

Third, the Focus actually seems like it would be a successful EV if it went into full production. But I can understand if they don't want to dive into a small market that hasn't been meeting expectations.

Commented On: Porsche Focusing On Plug-In Hybrid Technology, Says Top Executive

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Their current hybrids aren't plugin, so yeah, their mpg isn't very good. The plugins should be considerably better.

They've also been running a very successful hybrid race car in endurance races for a while now, and they've been testing all-electric Boxsters. Not to mention how awesome the 918 is. Looks to me like they're taking small but positive steps toward green, and should be commended for it.

Commented On: $1m Rimac Electric Supercar Now Available To Order

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So they designed this, tested it, and manufactured it for < $88M?

Commented On: GM Battery Lab Explosion Attributed To Gases From A123 Cells

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I agree with the fact that certain commentators present misleading info on plug-in cars, and it really irritates me when they do it. I'm on board with the EV cause. My problem is with the idea that there's a conspiracy at Fox to kill support for electric cars. There isn't. Anyone who watches regularly sees commentators and guests stick up for the facts against the misinformation. The problem is that when people who are newly interested in EVs come here to get info and are met with anti-Fox comments that they know aren't true, those people will assume the worst about EV supporters and turn away. I don't want that to happen. This is a great site and more people should come here. But exaggerated accusations against Fox are counter-productive.

Commented On: GM Battery Lab Explosion Attributed To Gases From A123 Cells

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This is what concerns me too. It's not that a battery blew up--extreme testing should cause that sometimes--but that people were close enough to get hurt. That's more a safety procedure issue, less a battery safety issue.

Commented On: GM Battery Lab Explosion Attributed To Gases From A123 Cells

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Fox has never said that EVs are more likely to catch fire than a gas car. Way to make that up.

Why do so many people on this site who clearly don't know what actually gets said on Fox think it's ok to lie about it? Including article writers themselves.

If you expect to attract more people to this site (and therefore to the cause of EVs), you shouldn't have this kind of paranoid anti-Fox ranting, or you're just going to turn away the millions of people who know the truth: that certain people on Fox are skeptical of EVs (unjustly), but there's no conspiracy.

I'd hate to see this great site degenerate into a left-wing rant rag, but comments like the above accomplish just that.

Commented On: Coda Abandons Plan To Build Its Battery Cells In U.S.

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And what about China subsidizing their solar industry? Well, first of all, doing that is internationally illegal. So get them sanctioned, then impose punitive tariffs on their panels.

Keep in mind, China can afford to do things we can't because they have a massive trade surplus while we have a massive trade deficit. If we had a surplus then yeah, we could subsidize whatever we wanted: solar panels, wind turbines, EVs... anything. But when we're tossing hundreds of billions out of the country every year, it makes it much more difficult to afford the luxury of subsidies.

If our trade imbalance ever improves, then stuff the Chinese with subsidies. But until then, dumping tons of taxpayer money into a non-existant market will just hurt us.
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