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Commented On: Free Electric-Car Charging Illegal On Municipal Property In NY State

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It's an odd interpretation of the principle of public good. You could make the argument that charging stations are only for the benefit of EV owners, and not the public in general. But you could make a similar argument that free parking at public facilities is only for the benefit of automobile owners. Public access channels are only for the benefit of television owners. Public fishing docks are only for the benefit of people who fish.

I think you could make a compelling argument that use of charging stations is not restricted from anyone who wishes to use them. Much as free parking at the library is available to me, whether I own an automobile or not.

Commented On: 2012 Ford Focus Electric To Do Cross-Country Road Trip

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If you want to minimize the perception of "range anxiety", you don't go coast-to-coast in an electric car and take 2 weeks to do it. You simply interview the 15K+ owners of EVs that successfully get to and from work every day, and recharge at night No panoramic shots of sweeping vistas in the background on my commute, but I also don't have an F-150 with a diesel generator following me around.

Commented On: 2011 Nissan Leaf: One-Year Drive Report

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For what it's worth, we've had our Leaf for 14 months and 10K miles, and have never even come close to running out of charge. Journalists like to test the limits. Joe Six Pack just wants to get to work and home without drama.
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