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Commented On: Tragic Ferrari 599 GTO Crash In Singapore Claims Three Lives

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Another example of how the SPEED culture is out if control. Time to get the sanctioned auto racing body to speak some PSA's on behalf of their constituents who always like to say : "If you are in Control you are driving too slow." Very tragic loss of life and of course the excuses are always the same.

SPEED Kills- No Excuses~

Commented On: Gotham Dream Cars Ferrari F430 Involved In Fatal Accident

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Speaking condolences, as they say "If you are in control - you are driving too slow." Speed Kills- No Excuses~

Commented On: Michael Andretti Vies On Celebrity Apprentice

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He vies? Is that a misprint for lies?..
just asking for clarification...

The first loser will always be known as "the first loser"...when Donald says "You are fired" excuses, no whining, and no victims ...just plain and smple "You are Fired."...Perfect ephitaph for the "first loser."

No excuses or explanations required.

Donald for President!
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