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Commented On: MINI Burns Lots Of Gas In PR-Based Expedition To Nowhere

Green Car Reports 0 Views 4 comments
I think this has everything to do with their new marketing team. For some reason, a few months ago MINI decided not to continue their contract with their main marketing agency, which was basically responsible for all prior advertising.

If this is an indication of what's to come I think we have reason to be concerned. I just hope they don't hire jlo.

Commented On: We Take A Close Look At The Lincoln MKZ Concept: Video

Motor Authority 0 Views 6 comments
Too little, too late imo. Even as a concept, the design is bland at best.

Commented On: 2013 Fiat Panda 4X4 Spy Shots

Motor Authority 0 Views 4 comments
Looks nice. I bet it will be used to create the 5 door version of the 500. It looks like it's got a very high center of gravity though. Can't be good for handling.
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