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Commented On: More Electric Cars, Not Charging Technology, Key To Mass Adoption

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Perhaps the simple reason is manufacturers are not interested in building EV, because they can't completed with Tesla. Why rush into building inferior EVs and promoting advantages of owning and driving EVs when they can continue make to big, fat profit and do what they do best? Sell ICE vehicles? just look at Nissan Leaf, it is a built from the ground-up as an EV. Nissan made a huge investment, new factory in TN that can built 150,000 a year, but they will be lucky to sell 5% of that. The Leaf is a fine piece of engineering. I leased and drove one almost everyday for the past 19 months, racking up 23,000 miles. But I am losing battery life and 70 miles real world range is just not nearly enough. It is tough to build a good EV.

Commented On: 2012 Tesla Model S Electric-Car Deliveries To Start Today

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Richard, here is your Commented On: "Betting Tesla's Elon Musk $1 Million, Dan Neil Hopes To Lose" just 10 short months ago, quote " Musk is all talk and has little knowledge of automotive... Tesla may go bankrupt before Neil collects his due." I think you owe Elon an apology for being wrong. What do you have against Tesla? You seemed to support EV in general.

Commented On: Electric Cars' Secret Advantage: They're Just Nicer To Drive

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At the rate of saving $2500 annually in fuel cost ($300+ gas/month versus less than $100 extra electricity/month), my Leaf (after $7500 federal credit + $5000 CA rebate) will be FREE in 10-year. I don't know of any car out there that can claim that kind of return on the initial $25,000 "investment". And that's assume gas price will stay at $4/gallon for 10-year. Chance are gas will be $5 - $6 and for every $1 per gallon increase, my ROI is shorten by 2 years. Adding that to the selling slogan, you will feel great saving money for every mile you drive!

Commented On: 95% Of All Trips Could Be Made In Electric Cars, Says Study

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I am leasing the Leaf now for $445/month, but I am saving $200+ a month in gas and even without considering the $5000 I received from CA for 3-year ownership (~$100/month after deducting the down + 1st month payment), $225/month is cost effective for 3 years/45,000 miles of pure electric driving and I haven't even add the cost saving from maintenance (no oil change, no tune-up, brake last much longer due to regen). I estimated at $3000 saving/year (assuming gas doesn't increase beyond $4/gallon), this car will pay for itself in 10 years (buyout $16.5k). Now, what new car can you claim that will pay for itself? BTW, all of these is calculated using a electric rate of 20-cent/kwh, many area has cheaper rate that will make the ROI better.
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