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Commented On: Tesla Model S: Glitches, Quirks, and Peccadilloes Roundup

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I'm with Mark here. For the sake of clear terminology electric cars are pure electric. Standard hybrids are efficient gas burners. Plug-in hybrids are both.

Commented On: U.S. Could Be The Biggest Electric Car Market By 2020

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It's frustrating when even a site like GCR muddies the water with calling plug-in hybrids "electric cars". Since this article seems to be referring to all plug-in cars you should just state it that way instead of calling them all electric cars.

Commented On: Polite Reminder: Roof Racks Will Kill Your Electric-Car Range

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I too use a hitch mounted rack for cargo, like heavy coolers, suitcases, etc., on my Leaf. Works great with negligible aero impact.

Commented On: 2012 Volt Cheaper To Own Than 2012 Leaf, Says Kelley Blue Book

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Why would you say the Volt is safer? They both earned 5 star crash ratings, they are about the same size (only the Leaf seats 5), and they are likely both driven conservatively more than not.

Commented On: CA To Require Zero-Emission Vehicles On Top Of Gas-Mileage Rules

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Using TOU metering, my Leaf costs me 1/20th of what my Subaru costs me per mile of fuel. (not including the PV I'vd added to my roof) YMMV

Commented On: Want To Tow With Your 2012 Nissan Leaf? Now You Can

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I've had a hitch available for 6 months for MyNissanLeaf members, though in very limited numbers. I'm happy to see Torklift Central enter the market at a similar price. The number of Leafs is growing like a spring bloom!
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