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Commented On: Is Tesla About To Offer Battery-Pack Swapping For Model S?

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I think Tesla is not going to swap the main battery. Instead they will allow owners to use extra non-rechargeable aluminum-air battery (or batteries) placed in the Model S frunk (front trunk).

Commented On: BMW Earns Profit By The Minute With Car Sharing: Is Ownership Dead?

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Car sharing is a great solution for many people who cannot afford to buy a car, don't have parking space, cannot handle all the hassles of insurance, registration, decal and so on. For the rest of us owning a car is a big pleasure, like owning a diamond or a pet, or even a new iPhone. But both owners and renters will benefit of car sharing: less cars on parking lot.

Commented On: A Reminder: WA Electric Car Owners Pay $100 Tax From 2013

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This is just another example of ridiculous taxation in US (and in many other countries). Some states and federal goverment give EV owners tax break and others charge them additional taxed. Why thousands people have to get tax credit and pay tax for exacly the same thing (owning an EV)? Can't the Obama administration pay directly to WA state for the EV road use and reduce the EV tax credit?

"The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax." Albert Einstein

Commented On: Electric Cars Lose Value Quicker Than Others, But Not By Much

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I think the used car price with greatly depend on the battery condition. 5 year old Leaf will cost about 50% of new one, but after 50 miles test drive :)

Commented On: Tesla Model S Depositors: You Can't Sell Your Reservation, Legally

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Transferring reservations is not ethical. This car if about getting future technology in our hands. Let's give first to those who has been waited longer!

Assuming 2013 production rate of 20000 cars, if you place reservation deposit today and some of 14000 in front of you decide not to buy, you should get your car in 8 months or so. Not so long wait comparable to those who reserved in 2009-2010.

Commented On: Tesla Motors In The Black, This Week, Tweets CEO Musk

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Maybe Tesla was profitable on paper only to receive that government loan. But they were close to profitability at least and they were spending money on new model development. Let's just wait for a year or so and see if Tesla goes up or down.

Commented On: Tesla Motors In The Black, This Week, Tweets CEO Musk

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Absolutely. Also, Tesla with its Roadster has changed the auto industry. We have all these variety of plug-in cars today only because Tesla Roadster has shown everyone that battery vehicle is possible and its production can be profitable.

Commented On: Tesla Motors In The Black, This Week, Tweets CEO Musk

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I disagree. If Tesla managed to make money with current production rate they will certainly make it with bigger rate planned next year. The only potential problem is demand, possibly after 13000 or so cars are sold to fulfill current reservations. But I think many more people will be willing to buy Model S when it's readily available. Just in US. And if you remember, Tesla's business model is to make about 25% profit on each car sold. That's a lot to keep the company afloat. Also, Model X and other model are coming. I'll better go buy some more TSLA stock :)

Commented On: DoE's Battery Research Center Seeks 5X Improvement In 5 Years

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I think there are very small chance they come up with a idea that improves batteries by 50%. But even 5% improvement will justify $120 million spent.

Commented On: Tesla Model S 60-kWh Delayed To Jan: Bye-Bye, 2012 Tax Credit

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And you, EU guys, are in much better situation than we here in Russia. The only plug-in car we can buy is MITSUBISHI i-MiEV for about 58000 USD. Also, cold weather and relatively inexpensive fossil fuel makes using EV absolutely unpractical. So, you are lucky to be able to drive a car of the future very soon.
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