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Commented On: How Old Is Too Old To Drive?

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I think a drivers license should be pulled when they fail to pass a experienced drivers written and road test. This test should be mandatory for people who have reached the age of 21. No not just seniors, everybody, every 5 years. You don't pass you can't drive.

Commented On: Official: Mercedes-Benz R-Class Dropped From U.S. Lineup

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I wonder why it was so pretty..

Commented On: What’s The Range Of A 2012 Nissan Leaf In Winter? We Find Out

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I hear pellet stoves are great when the temps start to head south. Just remember to install concrete floor and wall protection. Just kidding of course, like you guys suggesting 35 degrees is cold?? I think just like the real things that fall off trees they are pretty much non existent,or serve little purpose when the temps drop close to -30. The upside to living here and is that you can still have an emission free transportation in my city of over a million people, which hit a record low in dec/08 of -46.1 C and -58.4 C with the windchill and that we have functioning BIKE LANES all year long.
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