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Commented On: Do We Really Need 500-Mile Electric Car Batteries?

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I think for several years, most people should just think in terms of pure electric cars as being the second car in the home, that way you still have the option for that 5% of the time. And, besides, most homes are 2 car homes.

Commented On: Toyota Prius Plug-In Vs Chevy Volt: Which Is Cheaper Per Mile?

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my plug in prius gets 12 miles. Average car 7?

Commented On: Latest GOP Slap At Volt: Can't Hold A Gun Rack (Hint: Bad Idea, Boys)

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Another ridiculous article. I love electric cars. I love this website except when it ventures off into these political sideshows. I actually think this just hurts the eCar industry when we venture into this political carping. I hate to break it to the people who get into this, but Republicans love clean air, electric cars, a lack of dependency on foreign oil, etc. I suspect just as much as their democratic friends.

Stop the political sniping and stick for the real reasons people come to read this website. Enough with the immaturity.

Commented On: Eric Bolling Doesn't Know How The Volt Works, Even After Driving One

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"...needs their heads examined..." Deep. Sounds about as objective and fact concentric as Media Matters.

Probably one of the more idiotic generalizations I've heard from awhile even if it is meant as hyperbole. Why can't we deal with facts instead of name calling. It would help us electric car enthusiasts to win on merits of the issue itself. The side that resorts this merely hurts their own position because if is transparently and patently off the mark. Almost anyone with a high school education can see thru those biased generalizations.

Commented On: Eric Bolling Doesn't Know How The Volt Works, Even After Driving One

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More hating on Fox News. I hate when one my favorite websites, given I am electric car lover does this. Love with when this website just talks about electric car updates and detest this website when it gets into anti-republican and anti-Fox BS.

As much as i detest the immaturity of some of the writers on this website, I will continue to be one of the biggest ambassadors of electric cars. Yeah, electric. For the record, GM and their union did a lot of their own grave digging as compared to other electric car companies. Sorry. The truth hurts I know.

Commented On: Today's Volt Update: GM Buyback, Owners Rally, Sales Goal Unmet

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Well, a lot in this article is just nit picky. Writer seems a little immature. Having said that, I ordered an EV car this year and have one on order to take delivery early in 2012. However, neither car will be a Volt. The writer is off base by knocking the Gov't Motors tag. This EV fan finds that title quite accurate. I will never buy a Volt since they used tax payer money when their competitors did not have to follow the same path. GM has some serious efficiency issues, but we required the taxpayers to spring the funds so survive. Hum...

I do wish Green Car Reports would quit bashing republicans every chance they get and just let it rest already. Just stick with facts and quit hurting your reputation by being personal!
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