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Commented On: Elon Musk: Daimler Saved Tesla, DoE Loans A Bad Idea

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What Musk should have said was that government loans sound appealing and can help companies, but because of the speed at which funds and decisions can be disperesed, along with the political instability of those loans, building a business plan around a government loan is a bad business practice.

While Tesla did benefit from the ATVM program, other companies spent hundreds of thousands of dollar of capital trying to meet ever-changing requirements from DOE.

Commented On: Study Says Young Drivers Want Hybrids, Not V-8s

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Whats the profitability in consideration? Oh thats right. There isn't any. I would love a supercar. Does that mean Ferrari should build more....doubt it.

Commented On: If You Want To Attack The Volt, Try To Get Your Math Right

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Good point, John. I am and always will be a big supporter of alternative powered vehicles and I even support gov funding for R&D...I just don't like loans and subsidies

Commented On: If You Want To Attack The Volt, Try To Get Your Math Right

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"Wahlman instead divides the supposed $1.5 billion in incentives by a projected total of 60 million cars over the next 25 years that will use elements of the Voltec range-extended electric drive technology in today's Volt."

What if everyone of those 60 million cars will require a $7,500 subsidy? What does that total come to?

Commented On: Matt Drudge's Idiotic, Uninformed War Against The Chevy Volt

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Of course the EV is a political football. It was when it started taking Seventy-Five Hundred bucks a pop.
Reading this story it looks like Drudge had inflamatory titles in all the posts, yet had accurate facts. OK. Spin sucks, but facts are facts. In the last story, the garage fires, they jumped to a conclusion in a story, which real journalists never do. While I'm not defending Drudge, I am trying to understand what the point of this is. A right leaning news site published accurate stories with inflamatory titles against a vehicle that gets $7,500 tax dollars and is built by a "bailed out" automaker? Again, I'm not taking sides just want to understand where the non-political issue is.
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