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Commented On: Truth-Telling Snopes Site Goes To Bat Over Chevy Volt E-Mail

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Faux News "reporters" are payed by big oil, their # 1 sponsor. Lauren Fix created a YouTube video in which she claims she test drove the Volt for one week and her electric bill went up $100! I have had my Kill-A-Watt meter in line with my charger for 3,000 miles+ and it still has my cost under $100!

The name of the Video is "Chevy Volt Sales Or Dolt". You can't post a coment. I posted a rebuttal video which pretty much exposes her for the liar she is. My video comes up with hers when you search for hers, should you care to see it.

Commented On: Truth-Telling Snopes Site Goes To Bat Over Chevy Volt E-Mail

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First of all, there were many nay-sayers claiming the battery pack in the Prius wouldn't last more than a few years.  A cab company in S.F. Drove their fleet for over 200,000 miles each and had only 1 failure under warranty.  Some cars hit 300,000 miles.

Secondly, battery packs are not the only added cost of the Volt.  Have you even taken the time to look at the engineering involved?  SAE, international, the world renowned group of automotive engineers, named the Volt best engineered car in 2011.

Thirdly, M.I.T. engineers have developed a lithium battery that can be charged in 10 seconds and can hold up to 100 times the capacity of today's L.I. batteries.  They predict E.V.'s with a 1,000 mile range.  A company named Envia has developed an L.I. battery that will give a 300 mile range.  Who knows where we will be in 8 years, when the Volt battery still has about 4-6 years of lifetime left.  I may not wait for mine to die!

Fourthly, the average American ICE vehicle emits 1,000 lbs. Of co2 per year.  Even if I break even, I don't care!

Finally, have you seen the price of gas lately?  My savings just went up 15% in one week!

Commented On: Chevy Volt Electric Car Buyers Unfazed By Fire Reports

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Here are some recalls.  One involves 250 deaths due to fires!  Let's get real people.

Ford recall - 4.5 million cars:

October 2011 recall of Audi and VW vehicles for possible fire hazard.

Honda recall of some models for some reports of fires in the REAL WORLD

Honda recalls more than 600,000 vehicles for fire hazard.,2933,584277,00.html

More than 250 deaths attributed to Jeep fires in some older vehicles.  No recall as of yet.

BMW is recalling some models due to fire hazards.

Where's the hoopla?  I think, maybe this is a little politically motivated.
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