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Commented On: Public Charging Stations For Electric Cars: Who Leads The Way?

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There is a restaurant 30 miles from our house. We like it and we would eat there more often if they had level II charging. Most places i go or want to go I would go more often if level II charging was available. Of course if there was a place that we had never been and they offered level II charging we would go there initially. Yes install it and they will come. I cannot wait to go to Missouri and visit Michael Murphy's eye care center and charge while I am there. A large number of the electric car owners are upscale and if I had a business they are the types of customers I would want to encourage....those with money. Take Care, TED

Commented On: Gas-Mileage Rules To Add $3,000 Or More To Car Prices By 2025?

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They will just need to make the cars electric, or ER-EV, or hybrid. It will pay off. I have saved $7,000.00 in 2 years in my Chevy Volt in gas and maintenance. Take Care, TED

Commented On: Study: Chevrolet Volt Drivers Suffer From 'Gas Anxiety'

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I do not use gas in my Volt unless I go out of town on a mini vacation. I drive country roads cuz lower speeds increase my range. When I am out of town I don't get gas anxiety I jus put in a little. I am at 123 MPG because and only because I do alot of vacation travel. About 12000 miles worth out of 40,000 miles on the car in 20 moths of owning it. I love my Volt and still drive around with a Volt smile cuz I know I am smarter.

Commented On: Right Wing Volt Flip-Flop? Now It's An Energy Security Hero! (Video)

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Over 2000 sold in March 2012

Commented On: Right Wing Volt Flip-Flop? Now It's An Energy Security Hero! (Video)

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Already is.

Commented On: World's Quietest Drag Race? Nissan Leaf Vs Chevy Volt (Video)

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Let's see both cars with fully charged batteries. A Volt with a depleted battery is not fairly represented.

Commented On: Chevy Volts And Gun Racks: A Right-Winger's Perspective

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I feel the same about my Volt #1506. My Volt's birthday is 2/28/12 in just a few days. Still the best car I have ever owned. I will post my numbers when it's birthday gets here. The big oil money machine is what keep the Volt in the mud. After all the politicians invest in big oil and get plenty of money from big oil for their political campaigns. Big oil will go down kicking and screaming. They will pay and pay and pay to keep from going downhill. If you own a Volt like we do you know the difference. They will take a long time to know because their political careers depend on them not knowing what we know. This is the finest car ever made.

Take Care, TED

Commented On: Chevy Volt Electric Car, Age 1: Can It Survive Toddler Years?

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The Volt is the finest car I have ever owned. It cannot be compared to any compact cars costing less than $35,000. There is just no comparison. It handles like a BMW-3 series, Rides like a Lexus, and is Quiet as a Rolls-Royce. If you are looking to pay less than the above amount for your next car it is not a Volt. The Volt is truly a luxury car and better than that if you drive less than 40 miles per day you may never use any gas at all yet if your pleasure is to drive across the country the Volt is fully capable of performing magnificently on the open road as well. The only car under $50,000 that can do it all and turn heads where ever it goes. Take Care, Edward Ellyatt 2011 Volt #1506 over 20,000 miles.
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