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Commented On: NYC Bans Electric Bikes (Again), Launches Bike Sharing System

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Just proves Michigan and Ohio are better than New York (city and State). Michigan licenses ebikes as mopeds and in Ohio they are bicycles - as long as they have operable pedals. From 2004-2012 I used an electric bike. In 2012, I took deliver of my Chevrolet Volt and haven't used my eBike since. But, I credit the eBike to create the habit of plugging in every time I pull into the garage.

Commented On: Tesla Faces Dealer Opposition To Opening New Store In MA

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There is still a way around this... I bought my Prius on eBay from some "dealer" located in Chicago - I live in Detroit. Bill of sale was an email printed from my printer and title was mailed directly to my bank. My bank then mailed me a document I presented to the Secretary of State to register.

Commented On: Chevy Volt Production To Halt For 5 Weeks Due To Oversupply

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I agree. Forget the price tag and tell them your monthly payment. Mine is just over $2xx, and I paid nothing down nor security deposit. But, I've discovered when I tell folks the crazy low price I pay they still say it is too much. Really?! This is $34 less per month than my monthly payment when I purchased a new 2004 Grand Am. Add that I paid $120/month in fuel and $20/year on oil changes - Leasing the Volt is $156 per month cheaper (with monthly payment).

Commented On: Obama: I’ll Buy A Chevy Volt After My Presidency Ends

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I just wish I had the money for a Volt. I'd get one in a heartbeat. As it stands, I too will have to wait until Obama finishes his second term then I can, hopefully, get a used one in 2016.

Commented On: Chevy Steps Up Volt Sales Efforts With 'Quad $0' Lease In California

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That was my experience as well. Though, I was quoted with $6000 down I could get a Base model of the Volt for a Lease of $401/month.

Commented On: 2012 Nissan Leaf Gets Unofficial Jet-Powered Range Extender, Quick Charger

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Just buy a Tesla S when they come out.... 300miles per charge.

Commented On: 2012 Mitsubishi i Electric Car May Be Coming To Your State Sooner Than You Think

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I just wish it was red instead of white with a blue hood. I feel the colors for this car are "off." Purple? Sure, it already looks like a golf cart - why not just drive like a plum?! Gross! C'mon guys, pure red would make this car pop!
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