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Commented On: Nissan Leaf Electric-Car Sales Slump: What's Happening Here?

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Toyota dealers were clueless when the Prius came out. I used to go, asked a few questions, and I would get back "you must be an engineer". So what? Educated people are your target customers at this time. Nissan dealers need to get knowledgeble, passionate sales people for this product.
And I agree about the price/fuel equation. My 1998 mazda 626 finally died last month with 176000 miles on it. At 26mpg average, I used 6770 gallons of gas, and at an avg. price of $2.5 through those 14 years, I paid $16,925 in gas. The leaf at $0.026 per mile, will cost you $4600 for the same mileage. Sure, the batteries will need to be replaced; but in 8 years they will be much cheaper.

Commented On: Buying A 2012 Tesla Model S? Think Before Ordering The Battery Pack

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Randy; in 7-10 years you can replace the batteries for a fraction of the today's price.

Commented On: Gas Mileage Rises, Hybrid Car Sales Fall: Here's The Reason

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My math shows that at $4/gallon, 100,000 miles driven, 33mpg for the Elantra and 50mpg for the Prius, the Elantra will consume $4,121 more in gas. Take that to 150,000 miles driven and you are looking at $ 6,200 more. Now, I don't know if the Elantra will make it to 150K miles(I am not saying it won't), and I don't know how much cheaper it is; but I personally know of 2 Prius that are still running at over 200K miles with only maintenance work and with the same battery pack. Also, I am not sure you will find gas at $4/gallon in 3-5 years.

One more thing; some Americans pay a premium for muscle cars that are useless on the roads; some pay for a truck to commute to the office, and some of us don't mind paying a premium to save on emissions

Commented On: E85 Now Harder To Find Than Electric Car Charging: Here’s Why

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Relax Jim. The only reason you find E85 in your area is precisely because you are in the Midwest. The only place I found E85, and my rental was ready for it, was in Iowa, surrounded by corn fields. In the rest of the country, they are numbered. And with the subsidies gone, so will E85.

Let's face it; if you need the internet to find a station.....
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