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Commented On: 2012 Volt Cheaper To Own Than 2012 Leaf, Says Kelley Blue Book

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I agree with the others who have posted here. Since the Leaf is a full electric it should have less maintenence costs than a gasoline engine would. With the Volt you would need at least 2 oil changes in it in the first year of ownership if you drive 12,500 miles which is the average per the NTSA data.The thing about an EV that is so great is the electric motor. I have heard that they are extremely reliable and studies have shown that an electric motor will out last a gasoline engine by 2 to 3 times or more. I just don't get where they are comming up with higher maitenence costs. Even battery replacement which is the big if with an EV could be comming down in price since economy of scale will lead to lower costs eventually with baterries.

Commented On: 2012 Ford Focus Electric Sales To Squeak Into 'End Of Year'

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With a 23 Kwhr battery pack and a range of about 100 miles at $39,995. The Nissan Leaf retails at $35,000 and that is before the $7,500 dollar tax credit so why is Ford asking so much more for so little more? The Tesla Model S is starting to look like a bargin now since its as nice as you average $50,000 dollar luxury sport sedan and has a range of 160 miles so they are spot on the price. The base model Focus starts at $18,300 so why the markup of over $20,000?. In fact I would be much more likely to go with the Ford Fusion Hybrid that gets 41 mpg city at $29,495. I like the look I just don't like the price or range. Now if they increased the range to 160 miles I would consider it for the $39,995 vrs the Leaf. Ford you have to do better

Commented On: Will Electric Cars Become Popular? BP, Exxon Remain Skeptical

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The high cost of a long range Li/ion battery pack is the main impediment to designing a low cost $25,000-$30,000 Ev that can compete with gasoline powered vehicles. Gasoline prices exceeding $5 a gallon will defintely lead to wide spread adoption of Ev's. Of course the oil companies will be saying that Ev's will be only 4% of the total vehicles registered. I bet if you went back 120 years and asked buggy whip manufactures the same question they would have said that there would always be a need for their product. My predition is that in 20 years Ev's will make up about 25% of vehicles on the road. By 2050 maybe 50%. The gasoline vehicles will most likely be high efficiency hybrids that combine both Ev technology and gasoline for long range.

Commented On: Why Buy Green Cars? For the Cost Savings, Not the Planet, Survey Says

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If you can plug in your cell phone you can plug in your car. Whats even better is you can drive off in the morning with a full charge. Get a solar panal and you can let the sun do it for you and even sell some of it back to the electric grid. The biggest negative about electric cars is range first and precieved quaility as a form of transportation and styling too. Tesla has the right idea because not only do they have the ability to go 200 miles on a single charge they are powerful and sexy too. The only downside is that they are not cheap, however they are spot on for a luxury sport sedan with the Model S so as battery prices go down as economy of scale develops to manufacture batteries at a lower cost they will become even more popular.

Commented On: Kansas Considers Taxing Electric Car Owners When They Plug In

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Put a small charge on tires purchases and every vehicle owner whether gasoline or electric powered will have to pay it. Toll roads funding too could be used to support maitanence of the roads. Counting vehicles has been done with sensors in the road and this could help determine how much funding should be used to maintain a highway system. Remember that gasoline will still be the main fuel powering transportation for many years in the future and lots will be made off it for road support so I could see a day with electric vehicles becoming more mainstream and thus having a fee put on their vehicle registration to help pay for roads since they do not use gasoline and especially if they become like 10% of the total vehicles registered.

Commented On: Electric Cars: The Very Latest Thing For Sci-Fi Shows On TV

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No, The Aptera was too impractical. I am sick of all these ugly weird looking EV's. I like Tesla because The Model S and the Roadster are gorgeous and looks like a luxury sports sedan and a 2 seat supercar rather than a 3 wheeled joke of a car.Even the LKeaf and the Coda look much better than the Aptera ever did. I feel only a small fringe of the EV Nerdvana populace actually likes the bizzaro designs

Commented On: Kansas Considers Taxing Electric Car Owners When They Plug In

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Actually Kansas is a red state. Republicans tipped their hand here because they want to give tax breaks to large corporations yet tax owners of EV's because they are most likely considered to be tree hugging lefties. Its a case of red state versus blue state mentallity. The GOP wants to discourage people from buying EV's and putting an extra tax on those who charge their electric vehicles is meant to discourage EV sales from happening in the first place. Republicans are conservatives and they want to prevent EV's from ever becoming becoming mainstream. Yet they will give billions of dollars in tax breaks to oil companies. Hypocrites.

Commented On: Why Do Buyers Avoid Prius, Electric Cars? It's Styling And Price

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Ugly doesn't sell. Look at the 3 wheeled so called futuristic Aptera 2e and they failed. Practical and stylish wins. Now the Coda could use a bit more styling but none the less it looks like a practical car. Ugly glorified EV golf carts only reinforce stereotypes that EV are less than gasoline vehicles. Tesla has the right idea because range means everythng it can go at least 160 miles on a charge unlike the Leaf that is severly range limited to 75-90 miles at most. What ticks me off is whe they say "oh the average American only drives 40 miles per day" and they come out with a car that can do 75 miles. Here is the problem with that. Last night my wife and I drove 160 miles round trip to the Mall of America in Bloomington Minnesota.

Commented On: The Politics Of Electric Cars: Attacking Innovation For Partisan Gain

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Look at Faux Noise for example when they interviewed a Chevy Volt owner Eric Rotbard. Cavuto was definitly trying to bait Rotbard and asked if the Volt had holes in the floor sort of akin to the Flintstones Vehicle. Eric turned the tables on Cavuto because he gave such a good interview about his Chevy Volt and how well it preformed for him. Right wing Blowhard Rush Limbaugh said that the Chevy Volt was a bad product yet the majority of Volt owners are quite pleased with their car. As to whether or not the Government should offer tax incentives to buy an Electric vehicle or should invest in Green technology has been made by the GOP many times. My answer Lets use technology to break our addiction/dependance to fossil fuels before its too late

Commented On: U.S. Sales Of The Nissan Leaf Electric Car Now Over 10,000

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That is good to hear. Unfortuantely a 75 to 90 mile range will not work for me since I have a cabin that is 57 miles away from my home and I drive to Minneapolis/St Paul about 2 to 3 times a month which is 150 miles round trip. As a secondary vehicle it may work but I would find its relatively poor driving range too comprimising for me. This week I am going to the Mall of America and that is about 160 miles round trip for me. You just can't attempt that with the Leaf since it doesn't have real world driving range that even comes close to a gasoline car. I would opt for the 230 mile range Tesla Model S for I seldom drive more than 160 miles in one day. The Nissan leaf would not be able to make a round trip to my cabin without a recharge.
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