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Commented On: 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas: First Drive

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I would tend to agree with you when you look at things on a personal level. If you are to look at things globally, I'd ask which is better: buying oil in the worldwide market (I don't give a #*$*# about where we buy our oil from: our demand alone sets the price in the market and that price is by which foreign, unfriendly, oil-rich countries prosper) OR using the vast CNG resources the US has domestically?

Commented On: GM Exec Confirms 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Plug-In Hybrid Model

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More than anything, I think this is GM acknowledging that the conversion over to all-electric vehicles is going to take some time and they need something to compete in the current "sweet spot": plug in hybrids. As mentioned, their two-mode was supposed to debut years ago. I'm guessing bankruptcy put things into turmoil/on hold. I suspect cost could be another issue... but then again.. how can the cost on GM's two-mode be that substantially more than what everybody else is doing? I'll be curious to see how their hybrid compares to Hyundai, Toyota, and Ford (which I believe has the best hybrid application to date: the hybrid Fusion is super-smooth to drive with no compromises).
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