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Commented On: California Gas Prices Set To Soar Beyond 2008 High Of $4.61

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It never ceases toamaze me the excuse of the moment they come up with to justfy the pump price going up. A big part of the problem is the speculators on wall st. They buy up a bunch of futures, make the remark the price of oil wil be at $____ by a certain date, price jumps at the pump, we pay higher prices and they make a HUGE profit. It's a BIG game of market manipulation for profits!

Commented On: Consumer Watchdog To EPA: Re-Test Hyundai Elantra Gas Mileage

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I totally agree! It all comes down to a persons driving style. As was said here the people who floor it as the light turns green and go over the posted speed limit are usually the one's doing the most griping about either (A):Not getting good gas milage or (B): Complain that he vehicle isn't getting the milage numbers they expect it to.

Commented On: Should 2013 Dodge Compact Be Named Dart, Duster, Camber...Or Caliber?

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Why on earth would Chrysler want to go back and pick a name from some of it's most awful, junky and worst vehicles? Leave those names in the corporate graveyard....PLEASE! Given the fact Chrysler always was an also ran in the auto business and never was a major force (sales wise at least unless you exempt mini-vans....which it pioneered) Chrysler needs to pick a name that stands out and is distinct. Caliber has potiential but it's tied to a failed model nobody likes and has received terrible reviews (resulting in terrible sales). So, if I had to pick one for Chrysler to go with Caliber would be it but a better choice would be something NOT associated with anything in Chryslers past(recent or otherwise).
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