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Commented On: Installing A Wireless Charging System: What It Really Takes

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Plug-in is fine for me. I learned how to plug-in the gas nozzle at the age of 15 when I got my first drivers license. Yeah, way back then, 1945, one could get a license @ 15. However, Plug-in electric would be (1) cleaner, (2) won't smell of gas and (3) will never burp gas all over you.

Commented On: 2012 Tesla Model S Owner: 10 Things I LOVE About This Car! (Video)

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Now, now, johnny. In a couple of years, when you turn 18 and some 6 year old makes a snide remark about you being so old, you might remember your tasteless "grannie" remark.

Commented On: Tesla Faces Dealer Opposition To Opening New Store In MA

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Heck, just move the dealership slightly north to Nashua, NH. That's where I always bought my cars when I lived in Billerica, MA. Better price, lower tax, etc.

Commented On: Electric Cars Equal $1/Gallon Gas For Life + $1,200 Cash A Year

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And just where did you find that the Tesla battery costs $40,000?

Commented On: Electric-Car Prices: Tesla, Nissan, Chevy Should Be Ashamed--Here's Why

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Yes, I think you are missing the point that car buyers should not have to jump through hoops (change their holdings). It's tough enough for the average car buyer, dealing with sleazy salespeople, and being rushed, pushed and bullied into purchasing the salespersons choice of car.

Commented On: Honda Reveals New Personal Mobility Device: Err... No Thanks

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I've raced a bar stool also, John. However, I didn't win.

Commented On: Which Will Sell More: Volt, Leaf, Or Plug-In Prius?

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Starting this coming Monday, I start a new job and will be averaging, my boss says, 225 miles per day. That means a plug-in car is well out of the question. The company is supplying me with a new company car, a 2.0 diesel Jaguar XF sedan, shipped here from France. So in a few weeks I will feel educated enough in the diesel vehicles economy to give you all a blow by blow account.

Commented On: Honda Wins Round In Long-Running Hybrid Gas-Mileage Lawsuit

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Only from an attorney, and a "former" one at that!

Commented On: Cheesiest DC Fast-Charging Video Ever: Tight Dress, High Heels Included

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Where did you all see the plug, the cord, the charger, the......well all that other stuff? All I saw was the chick in the black dress. (VVBG)

Commented On: Smart eBike: First Ride

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Yeah, price is pretty steep, but it is the first hybred bike with looks that both my significant other and I like. Maybe when they sell them in the millions, the price might come down.
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