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Commented On: New Clean-Ish Diesel For World's Oldest Production Car (In India)

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Only 5% of people in India owns cars, still our streets and cities are already choked up...So I think India definitely don't need cars...instead In India motorcycle and public transport is the main medium of the transport...Government should electrify the motorcycles, Scooters and public Transport instead of cars...

Commented On: New Clean-Ish Diesel For World's Oldest Production Car (In India)

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Well, Ambassador was considered as a macho and respectable car in India..but those guys at Hindustan Motors were so lazy that they didn't updated the design and its market was eaten By Maruti -Suzuki, Tata, Hyundai etc. People still feel proud using their Ambassadors...but they definitely needed new design with better performance...they can launch models based on Retro theme just like Mini, Fiat 500 etc.

Commented On: London Tightens Congestion Charge Limits; Only Plug-Ins To Be Free?

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Well, in 2 years of time many of the models ahich are in range of 75 to 100 g/km of CO2 will improve and bring their vehicle emission below 75 g/km of CO2. I dont think it is bad thing..actually it is better. Believe me models like Toyota Prius will vring their emissions below 75 g/km of CO2 in next 2 years, because they cannot afford a big loss of potential market...but they should seriously think about making Taxi Fleet green...

Commented On: 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid: Quick Gas-Mileage Test

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Well I would say that Ford needs "EPA Mode" where it will be possible for a common driver to achieve EPA numbers..

Commented On: Tata Nano Hits U.S. & Europe By 2015: How Will It Look?

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Richard, seems there is some misunderstanding regarding mileage of Tata Nano. In India Nano 2012 is rated 25 Kilometer/Liter which is approx 58.8 US Mpg (Not 48). Also Nano has some fire incidents (Approx 5 incidents in 2008-9) due to some faulty spare part provided by a supplier and that issue was resolved long back. After 2009 not a single fire incident is reported. It is not good that people still beat Nano for incidents happened in 2008-9. As for US and Europe launch is considered I think Tata will Launch a vehicle specially designed for Europe/US With Better Comfort/Performance/Luxary and Safety.

Commented On: India: 6 Million Electric Vehicles By 2020, Why It May Work

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Part 2 -
So for better sale of electric vehicles they need to improve Quality, reliability and Range.
Electric cars still is distant dream. Success of Reva NXR will be in its pricing and nobody in India bothered to buy their previous model Reva G-Wiz. They were much successful in selling G-Wiz in Europe than India.

(This is for Anthony)- Two wheeler commute is done by approx 50% people in India. The figure 12% is not correct.

Commented On: India: 6 Million Electric Vehicles By 2020, Why It May Work

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Part 1 -
Well Electric Two Wheelers are already on sale in India, but they are not selling good because
1) They dont have good range. No Electric Scooter have relieble range more than 50 Km.
2) As those vehicles are launched by small companies there is no infrasctucture for Servicing and Repairing those Electric Two Wheelers.
3) It is very difficult to beat Petrol Bikes with many bikes having mileage more than 60 Km Per Liter. So Petrol Bikes are already much cheaper to operate.
4) In many Indian big Cities people lives in Apartments/Flats, so installation of electric chargers will be difficult.
5) In many backward states electricity is avalable only for 12 hours a day.

Commented On: Want 125+ MPG Cars? Be Prepared For Change

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You are correct. My bike regurly give me mileage of 55 Km Per Liter, and my scooter goes approx 45-50 Km per liter. My bike is 150 cc/14 BHP naked bike. There are other 100cc bikes which goes to approx 80 Km per Liter as well.

Commented On: Turbos Grow Much Faster Than Hybrids In Quest For MPG

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Well Turbo is an easy option available to improve vehicles power, performance and Mileage. Many people even dont know that the vehicle they are buying is turbocharged. Basically this is very common in Diesel engines. Even Tata Nano's (Worlds cheapest car) new version is will be coming with turbocharger.

Commented On: One In 10 New Vehicles Will Be Diesel In 2015, Bosch Says; Here's Why

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In India Diesel sales skyrocketed from 20% to 60% in just 2 years. Clearly diesel has the potential and also diesels vehicles generally has 25% better mileage than Petrol(Gas) vehicles.
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