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Commented On: How Much And How Fast Will Electric-Car Battery Costs Fall?

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Hey John, I always enjoy your articles. In this case I agree with several posters that in a technology driven business like batteries, your long term averages may not predict the future, and with the investment in research rising so dramatically it's likely we'll see much faster progress. EV Now mentioned Envia, check out their recent announcement. They have a real product being manufactured on real equipment, that is a game changer. I know we've seen a lot of these come and go, but with the number of approaches being researched and a growing market demand I believe we're finally going to see rapid change in cost/perfomance specs, and the next 5 years will blow away your 7%.

Commented On: Fuel Efficiency Hurts: Gas Tax Revenue Plummets, Roads Crumble

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It makes sense to me that some of the costs of our road system are paid by all taxpayers, not simply drivers. Heavy vehicles such as trucks and busses are responsible for nearly all of the wear & tear on roads, not passenger cars, because their greater weight massages the surface as they pass over it. A quick search tells me a 2 ton vehicle causes 16 times as much wear as a 1 ton vehicle. We all share the benefits of goods brought to our stores by trucks, so in some ways it would be more fair for all of the cost to be paid by taxes from the general fund.

As far as amending the current system, it seems more fair to charge per miles on our odometers each year, but that raises the issue of adding a new bureaucratic system to oversee it.
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