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Commented On: 2013 Electric Cars: Rated Range For Each Model, Ultimate Guide

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In this case "practical range" means 'extended one-way trip range,' not the daily routine.

EPA-100 miles with 2 DC quick chargers per 50-mile radius. As a heavy commuter with a Nissan LEAF, it's all about being able to plug-where-you-park and DC quick chargers when you can't do that.

Commented On: Electric Cars Are Coming, Believe It Or Not, Nissan Leaf Driver Says

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Good write-up! I hit 10,000 miles on my Nissan LEAF last week. Access to a DC fast charger makes it easy for me to drive beyond 100 miles in a day and I think that people that park their cars during work could easily charge at work and exceed 100 miles per day as well.

Commented On: Arizona Considers Charging Electric Cars Tax At 1.43ยข Per Mile

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AZ does seem to be trying to be the #1 'we hate any progress' state. As an EV owner, I think that I'd like the flat $100.
It seems that AZ wants to unfairly tax EV drivers and that's really silly.

Commented On: Will Electric Cars Become Popular? BP, Exxon Remain Skeptical

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Oil companies and oil speculators are waging a full assault of misinformation against EV's. As soon as the speculation shifts toward EV's, oil prices will fall. I didn't understand before, but now I do. Since an EV battery can store so much energy, they will change the entire energy market. The benefits of EV's go far beyond just being a just a car. When the masses realize that, the demand for EV's and the batteries will soar.

Commented On: Will Electric Cars Become Popular? BP, Exxon Remain Skeptical

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+1 +1! Dang my fat finger!
Having just a few DC fast chargers would work because most charging will be done at home for EV drivers. Public charging is needed but not at the numbers that gas stations are needed. However, EV's can also send power back to the grid which is huge and can save businesses a lpt of money.

Commented On: Nissan Leaf Electric Car Relegates Gas Cars To The Garage, Nissan Says

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Great info! I purchased in late August and now have 5,400 miles on my LEAF. It is the primary car and we only use the old car when we have to and I don't enjoy driving the old car at all. Fun to drive is the primary reason it became the primary car, after that it benefits us to drive it. The car is saving us money! I leased because I could take full advantage of the tax credit and the contract clearly states that I have the option to purchase at the end of the lease.
I have access to a DC quick charger and often drive over 150 miles per day and drive locally on the weekend. We need those Nissan DC quick chargers!

Commented On: Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi i Rapid Charging Gets Cheaper Thanks To Nissan

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I do think that the quick chargers should be donated. The standard for DC charging has not been decided. Only seven manufacturers agreed to have a standard, but not one of them has a car on the market and the equipment DOES NOT EXIST. Those seven are trying to stall. ChaDeMO is the standard because it's the only equipment out there. I agree that there should be a standard. But taking the development back two years when equipment is in production is not the way to go. Put the quick chargers out there Nissan NA!
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