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Commented On: 2012 Tesla Model S: Would YOU Drive It At Just 55 MPH?

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Speaking of driving over 55MPH. I have read articles from Tesla that they have found that only a single speed gearbox is the only type that would hold up. I have also read since then articles of new two speed gearboxes that have been built to stand up to the load of an electric motor. Matching load and speed to the correct ratio makes sense. Hope Tesla is working in this area to increase range.

Commented On: Chevy Volt Production To Halt For 5 Weeks Due To Oversupply

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People must love giving there money to big oil.

Commented On: Want A Long Range Electric Car? Nissan Doesn't Think You Do

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When the price of the batteries start to drop, it would allow Nissan to increase the range of the Leaf without increasing the price very much. If Nissan doesn't offer some different ranges in the Leaf, I believe it would be a big mistake. There are also a lot of people that drive over a 100 miles frequently enough that need that range.
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