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Commented On: Better Place Delivers Electric Cars, Battery Swaps Become Real

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Realistically, if the battery swap time is that quick then then number of need stations will go down a lot.
Station infrastructure-wise they need to be carefully located to sit as close to a main high voltage feeder in the same way that most aluminum smelters sit adjacent to electrical sources because of the the amount of use. Oddly I expect that a battery swap station will be an overall load leveler for the power grid. It isn't important how recently your battery was charge; only that it is. The station could level 2 charge 20-50 batteries at once in staggered schedules keeping spare level 3 chargers on standby to deal with peak swapping demand.

Even better for the lazy, forgetful or rich will be delivery swaps so you never have to go.

Commented On: Honda Changing Construction Methods To Shed Pounds

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My vote:
Aircraft grade velcro for exterior panels.
Sure it might not be as good as rivets but it would be much easier for the owner to replace.
Think of the market ultra-lightweight carbon panels and easy customization as people swap panels out like so many Nokia cell phone covers.
All we'd need would be safety standardization from the NTSB and IIHS.

Commented On: All Taxes Are Automatically Always Bad; Are Potholes Worse?

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In 2001 the Oregon Legislative Assembly started to study this issue.
ODOT's "Oregon's Mileage Fee Concept and Road User Fee Pilot Program" report can be found at .

In summary: they can work around the loss of gas tax revenue as the pilot program showed. From the 101 page report it seems that most of the effort of the pilot program was dedicated to mitigating privacy concerns.

Commented On: How Google's Self-Driving Car Works

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Here's hoping this gets moving soon.
As a former very bad driver (4 totaled vehicles) who could not see the error of my ways I believe wholeheartedly that self driving autos will ultimately be a big safety boon for the entire national roadway system.

It only needs to be a better driver than the average American; this does not seem to be a high standard.
The government does not need to mandate its use; once the tech is cheap enough auto insurers will give massive discounts to drivers while raising rates for manual drivers to compensate for actual costs.
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