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Commented On: Nissan Leaf Electric-Car Sales Slump: What's Happening Here?

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Exactly could not agree more!

Leather seats and a better heater, the geezer is clearly in lala land.

With corporate BS like that Nissan have not got a hope capturing hearts and minds.

Your typical Leaf buyer will be a well educated professional to "tempt" them as if they were some mindless Kardashian worshipper is arrant nonsense.

Castignetti needs to start looking for ago on Jersey Shore.

Commented On: 2017 Nissan Leaf: Will It Cost The Same As A 2012 Golf?

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EVs don't need to be on a price parity with ICE cars to make sense, in fact they could be 20% more expensive like for like and still make sense. (lower Fuel and maintenance costs)

If a Leaf were 22K USD without any subsidy it would sell well as it starts to make sense as a "second" car for commuting and a run around.

Commented On: Diesel Cars: Should You Buy One? The Pros And Cons

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I Agree 100%

If you regularly have a long clear commute or drive often on the highway for your work, get a Diesel.

You know it makes sense.

If you schlep around town in stop start traffic, get a prius or better yet a Scooter !!

Simple choice

Commented On: 2013 Lexus RX 450h: 750-Mile Gas Mileage Test

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Buy a Grand Cherokee diesel when it comes along.

That will get 30+ mpg on the highway and cost a lot less than a Lexus RX hybrid.

Commented On: Jaguar Displays XJ_e Plug-in Hybrid At GoodWood Festival Of Speed

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I am not sure that the V8 is a mainstay engine for Jaguar Landrover any longer.

In their main market (the EU) Jaguar's mainstay engine is the V6 diesel (outsells petrol alternatives 4 to 1) and for Landrover the same is true but an even more remarkable 40 to 1.

And for extra bonus points this is an engine jointly developed by FORD!!

The V8 is an inconvenience that is only kept alive for the US market.

But it is good that JLR are looking at plug-ins. Fisker may need directions to the bankruptcy court.

Commented On: 2012 Mercedes-Benz S 350 BlueTEC: One Week In 32-MPG Diesel Luxury Sedan

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You have hit the nail on the head, Diesels work on a long steady drive or commute. So sales guys, inspectors or in fact anyone who drives long distances for work should be behind the wheel of a Passat TDI.

Thats how diesels gained popularity in the UK, scores of sales guys in Citroen BXs and Peugeot 405s getting 50% more mpg than petrol Ford Sierra drivers. It has now spread to the mass market.

USA wake up to Diesel it makes good sense !!

Commented On: Year-Old Nissan Leaf Electric Car: Worth 70 Or 95 Percent Of New Price?

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It is too difficult to call as there will be new entrants to the market and new ways of funding EVs (Battery leasing for example)
In addition the true running costs of EVs will be better known and also their longevity.
In the UK Diesels tend to have a 15-20% premium used (like for like) as they last longer and are cheaper to run.

Once these things become known then the market price for a used EV will become clearer.

With respect to the nett price issue, clearly that is going to drive any second hand price as the market knows the true price of the vehicle is nett of the rebates. If an individual owner has not gained those benefits for whatever reason the market will not care, that will be the individual's loss.

Commented On: Cars That Should Get Diesel Engines In The U.S., Now!

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I am sure that the Chevy Cruze Diesel will change the perception of "small" diesel vehicles in the USA. Chevy will not be able to keep up with demand.

A Cruze will deliver economy in everyday use equal to that of a prius at 80% of the MSRP.

The only issue then will be what do the Refineries do with all the excess Gasoline capacity, which I think is main reason Diesels have not had the push in the USA that they have had in the rest of the world.

The Oil business will adapt like it has always done in the past.

Commented On: One In 10 New Vehicles Will Be Diesel In 2015, Bosch Says; Here's Why

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Clearly it is no surprise that Bosch would be promoting the use of diesels, but I think the US market will be shocked by how the Cruze Diesel flies off dealers forecourts ( provided it is sensibly priced - 5-10% dearer than the petrol equivalent )
As the market become more familiar with diesels the residuals will improve as well because of the high mileages diesel engines can sustain.
Used Diesels in the UK actually attract a premium, particularly if they are an SUV.
Consumer behaviour will be different for sure in the US but not as different as the manufacturers would have us believe . It is just laziness on their part that has prevented more diesel models being available.
I think the diesel will surprise the US market yet.

Commented On: Payback On Plug-Ins: Finance Commentator Misses The Point

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The economics work differently for different people.

For example some one with cash in the bank earning virtually nothing will probably earn around a 10-15% return if they were to put the additional 10K into a Volt over say a Camry. This based on monthly fuel savings and price differential .

Look at it that way and it is a good investment in to todays climate.

That off course assumes you have 10K sat in the bank doing nothing and you are prepared to spend 33K on a car in the first place. Most don't and aren't .
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