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Commented On: At $5/Gallon, 2012 Nissan Leaf Electric Car Pays For Itself

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Given that you can lease a Leaf for $139 a month then it makes sense, if your commute in excess of 40 miles and is in range and your current car averages less than 30mpg on that commute, to "lease the leaf" (there is a catch phrase if ever I heard one!!).
So all your weekend running around town is virtually free and you will save substantially when it comes to maintenance and service bills. What's not to like.

Sell your old banger on Ebay and "lease the Leaf" you know it makes sense.

Commented On: Could Range-Extended Cars Save The Rotary Engine? Mazda Says Yes

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I recently visited the main Mazda factory in Hiroshima and from that visit one would surmise that all Mazda cars have a Rotary engine. All they talk about in the museum is their history with Rotary engines (in particular the spectacular Le Mans winning car).

Rotary engines should have a bright future in the range extender world as they perform best at constant speed and represent a good power/weight density, hence their use in light aircraft, microlights.

Lets hope Mazda can keep things interesting

Commented On: Wheego LiFe Electric Car Granted Safety Exemptions During (or For) 2012

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What do Mercedes have to say about this, looks like a Smart clone which will surely be awful.

This is bound to rub off.

Commented On: White House Played Hardball To Set 54.5-MPG Standards

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You are correct, tax or levies is the only way but rather than penalise everyone surely for the sake or argument a 2000 USD annual License fee on a truck which genuine business users can take as a 100% deduction from their tax bill would focus the mind of the "private" truck users.

I know such a notion has a chocolate tea pot's chance of ever getting on the statutes but it does make sense.

Commented On: White House Played Hardball To Set 54.5-MPG Standards

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One of the key reasons that US fleet avg consumption is so poor is the "mis-use" of trucks as every day private runarounds. As a regular visitor to Texas I witness this every day. 50 % of the staff in the office I visit commute in a Truck.

Trucks are a commercial vehicle and make sense if you are a plumber or a farmer regularly using the pick up bed to carry tools or bails.

Legislation should not even be considering the MPG of trucks, it should be actively encouraging their common sense use.

The fleet average would improve overnight if the fleet mix more accurately reflected rational common sense use.

But when has common sense ever got in the way of consumerism.

Commented On: Google Adds Clout To Electric-Car Charging At Work Effort

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Initiatives like this are vital.

The only reason I have not bought a used I-MIEV (or PSA clone) or even a twizy is lack of charging infrastructure in Blighty.

The numbers make sense for me, I have a 50 mile round trip to clients nearly every day but live in a Victorian terrace with on street parking so it only works for me if I can charge my car in the 3 -4 hours I am at each client.

I can buy a used C zero for 15 grand and the saving on fuel and on P11D tax (UK benefit in kind tax) that will more than pay for the car but if I can't charge the damn thing the cunning plan does not work.


Commented On: Tesla Dodges Traditional Dealerships—And Questions Remain

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The dealer franchise system seems archaic, I am sure it made sense in the pre- internet world but it is nonsense now. To have it enshrined in legislation is even more ridiculous.

Cars are increasingly a commodity and a use (rather than own) distribution methodology will become the norm.

It seems that Tesla are having a disruptive effect beyond the actual car itself, which can only be a good thing.

I would be worried if I were in the toupee business with all those car dealers "suffering".

Commented On: Ford May Use More Aluminum In Next F-150 To Improve Gas Mileage

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The simple answer is whack in the FORD/PSA 3ltr V6 Diesel which makes more torque that the V8 petrol.

Will give 25+ mpg at highway speeds using technology that Ford owns plus it might address some of the losses being made in Europe as that is where the engine is made. With 200000 plus extra engines being made the economies of scale would really kick in. I doubt a premium of more than 1000 USD would be required and the F150 would fly off the lot.

Then factor in the 300kg weight reduction discussed in the article and 30mpg highway would be realistic.

Commented On: Could The Opel Adam Minicar Become The Smallest Buick Ever?

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Here's a crazy thought, sell them as Opels !!

Dont change a thing and fit in a niche currently occupied by VW. European cars tend to have a better quality feel than US cars, better plastics materials etc. so you can charge a premium and still acheive the volumes you need.

Currently Opel have chronic over capacity in Europe so selling the entire European range (including Diesels) would mop up some of that capacity.

Ford are doing it already , all the new smaller fords are World cars that have their roots in Europe, the days of a different Focus or Mondeo for the US market are gone. They have the advantage of a simpler brand structure but the principle would be the same.

Commented On: Free Electric-Car Charges Start To Depart; What's A Fair Fee?

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Does the $2 include parking.

In which case in any UK City that would be an absolute bargain.

Parking some parts of London is more than the minimum wage !!
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